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~Hair~ Real Spotted: New Natural Hair Products in Sally Beauty Supply!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I call it.... "Trying to get in where you fit in"...

Alot of the "mainstream" or more popular ethnic hair care lines are coming out with their own natural hair care lines. I've seen some people get in an uproar about is also a business, these companies are trying to get in where they fit in. Natural hair is big business these days and these companies recognize that. The average natural hair girl, especially in her first year natural, is a PRODUCT JUNKIE. So that equals $$$$$ for those companies when you have a new natural trying to figure out what works.

I personally dig it. I like accessible products. I live a rural area so if I can buy it on the shelves and not have to order it and wait on it show up, I will. Most of favorite products right now have to be ordered online.

However, I have to drive 35 minutes to the nearest Sally Beauty Supply. LOL! Yep...but a 35 min drive is better than a 4-5 day shipping wait any day. *shrugs* BUT only if the product works on my hair.

Interesting signs under products normally made for chemically processed hair....can you say #Marketing101??
Dr. Miracles has a problem with Dr. Miracles as a whole is that they don't list the ingredients on the bottles. Has that changed???
Curl Care is also by Dr. Miracles....
Curls Unleashed by Organic Root Simulator....
As I Am...this not all their products. I just took a photo of the Coconut Co-Wash and Cleansing Pudding. The Coconut Co-Wash was $7.99 but the Cleansing Pudding was $ difference in a price for no-poo/low poo cleansers. Some these products, the prices were in the $20+ range...

Finally, saw the Beautiful Textures products all the boards and vloggers have been raving about. I took one sniff....and I was done. I won't be buying any of it because the smell is not my cup of tea. Smells like Hot Six Oil....ya'll know what that is?!! LOL! I'm dating myself.

~Fresh Coat~ Real Spotted: New Nail Colors and Products!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey Cuzins!! Long time no see,

So, I was out and about yesterday, and spotted some new nail goodies in Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.

L'Oreal LA entourage collection...Guess its based on the show...Interesting dark purple shade in the middle of all those pastels. I'm looking for a banging coral for my toes this summer and the perfect yellow for my of hard colors for me to wear on my hands....
Spotted some CVS Exclusives of the Kardashian Kolor Collection...I've been burnt once by this collection so I just took some pictures and kept it moving...

My Wal-mart had Nailene Gel Polish Kits complete with the Gel Curing Lamp. I think the price was $49.98...which isn't bad for the lamp. I'm putting this on my wishlist.:)

Have you spotted any of these goodies? Let me know!!

~Hair~ Have Your Seen These Products?: III Sisters of Nature....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Saturdays to all!!!

I was hitting my local BSS' today and I spotted a new natural hair called III Sisters of Nature. But what really caught my eye was....

"Compare to *Kinky Curly and *Miss Jessie's Products"

For real tho'?!

I so I took a couple flicks with my phone....check it out....

III Sisters of Nature has a Facebook page but I was unable to locate a website....Check out the FB PAGE.
According to their Facebook page:


This picture above is their Natural Curling Gelo...that you can "compare" to Kinky Curly's Curling Custard...its retails for only $9.99

Sweet Bounce Back is compared to Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment ( Deep Conditioner) for only $13.99 which Miss Jessie's retails their SST at $48. This was the product I was most interested in!! That is a STEAL if it works even close to the SST which I've had a sample of...and it was amazing.
Stretch It Out Creme ( $13.99) is compared to Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme...

Curly Whip Pudding ( $13.99) is compared to Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding...

The prices are beyond reasonable compared to those brands that are comparing the product to.

Have you seen these products in your local BSS??? Let me know?

~2012 Beauty Resolutions and No-Buy Updates!!!~

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!

I'm here tonight to bring you my 2012 Beauty ENTIRE MONTH LATE:). Now, I figured them out and wrote them down in December 2011 but just didn't blog them. Why? Who knows. *shrugs* Here they are now!

1) Stay on the cleanliness of my brushes
I swear I say this every year but I can go a LONG time *looks around* before I wash my brushes. Its because I have so many and I'm really not affected if they are clean or dirty meaning, my skin is not effected. However, the quality the look is.

2)Learn to: a) wax b) flat twist c) cornrow d) set my hair on flexi rods
I'm in a learning mood this year...especially with beauty...I like to know how to do things myself out of necessity, of course.:)

3)Invest in better makeup.
I've PERSONALLY learned in the last couple of years that as much as I spend on cheap makeup, I could have some of the better makeup I really want. Case in point: Urban Decay Naked Palette. I've probably spent over $50 on different neutral palettes from drugstores and beauty supply stores trying to dupe that thing when I could've bought it by now. I get caught up in the cheaper dupe swindle. Nothing wrong with that but I like the good stuff too. Definitely investing this year.

4)Enjoy my hair.
I'm entering my third year natural and it feels awesome. This year, I'm going to enjoy the length that I've retained, try to keep it on my head and play with some new styles. I spend most of the first two years obsessing over length goals, as many naturals do, but its only when you are not thinking about it is when you hit the goals. I'm blessed at 34, that I have no gray hair and I have more hair than I've ever had in my life and I'm going to enjoy it!!

****NO BUY UPDATE MONTH ONE!!! January 8, 2012- February 8, 2012****

The No- Buy ( click HERE for the original post!) has been pretty painless. I had two big was a Walgreens WnW haul and the other I spent $29 on $1 jewelry. Other than those two, there has been no craft store, no thrift store, no Etsy, no Amazon, no magazines, no subscription boxes!!!!

 The makeup, jewelry and eating out is hard because there are so many new things out, I love cheap jewelry and I get tired of cooking and don't cook on the weekends.

Tomorrow will start Month Two. This No-Buy has stopped alot of crazy buys including a massive haul on that Milani 75% off...which I only got two things because I look at the list of the markdowns before I went and stuck to the plan to get two blushes. My gas tank has been full, I got money from week to week, making better decisions on what to and what not to buy....

Basically, in order to live on the tight coins I have....I can't shop. **shrugs** And now I got to stop buying Frappes and eating out.:)

Month Two!! Let's GO!!!