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Rural Glamour: MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly Look...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

1) I'm standing the side door of my house...taking a picture. It's got the best lighting. Check the "hell box" known as my stove. If you put ANYTHING it will burn it up!!

2) Yes,I bought some MAC. LOL!!!! First time in probably a year or more.

3) And that's a wig. "Old ye faithful" I called her. Watching Ateya videos got back in the wig game.

*sigh* I love this quad. I went ahead splurged. $44. whew. I agree with Makeup by RenRen said in her last video...I rather the packaging been pink or white...

Not the best blending but I about to re-up on my brushes. I got some old brushes and I figured out that I can get some good MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes via the CCO. One brush a month or One brush every two months...I got a MAC 213 brush for $15.75 last week.

I got the look from this You Tuber...Thanks! She also did one for the Lucky Tom Quad...

N.O.T.D:Playing Catch-Up...Milani Day Dreaming and O.P.I Hey Get In "Lime"....

I'm back....whew!! "Grandma's Free Internet Service" needed a new router, we had to wait for it to ship from AT&T, then get it hooked up. I tried to go to the library to use the Internet but they get time limits of like A HOUR. That is not enough time, sorry. But, Bless The Lord...we are back in!!

I wore OPI Hey, Get In Lime for a couple days and love it. So inappropriate for the winter weather we were receiving for a minute there, should gone with a dark berry or black or something, but I got this color at a Trade Secret Outlet Store at the Prime Outlets in Gaffney for 60% off( along with some other colors!!). I've found a new beauty haul nook in the TSOS!!

That was only two coats...Will be rocking this again for the spring/summer.:)

This was my V-Day mani...Milani Day Dreaming. It's part of a Valentine's seasonal collection I saw at my CVS. The best grey...not to murky on me...I liked it alot and got compliments on it.
Next up on the NOTD trail...My picks from OPI Miami Collection...Stay tuned!!