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Field Trip Review:Beauty Edition...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank to my SA Grismil at MAC who helped me out!!I went to the counter for something specific... concealer. I needed one and concealer is one of those makeup products you don't fool around at Wal-Mart to find as a women of color. Some have been successful@ the drugstores, but I wasn't going take any chances. We found the perfect match automatically in NC50 and I also pick up the polish in Whirlwind, the last bottle at the counter.
Over at BBW I sniffed and played. I had gotten a fall catalog book of the new finds for the season so I couldn't wait to see what they had poppin off. Haywood Mall BBW has the most nicest SAs and informative too. I was smelling the new Blackberry Amber and commenting that it smelled like Sensual Amber( One of my fall/winter favs) She said to layer the new Blackberry Amber and the Black Raspberry Vanilla to bring out the berry scent. She wasn't lying either, it smells incredible! I also picked up to minis of the new Irresistible Apple( It's okay, It loses the apple scent after awhile) and Velvet Tuberose( the original Vera Wang to a T.).
Finally got to smell this@Belk...wasn't impressed. But it was pretty and light and that ain't me. It reminds of Gucci II, which in the summer on my dresser, collects dusts.

Field Trip Review:Fashion Edition...

Hey Folk!! I have a review on the Field Trip to Greenville. It was very over due and I didn't get to some of the places I wanted to go( mainly Woodruff Rd.) because there was a MAJOR accident on I-85 that had traffic backed up for miles. Those places were Ulta and Whole Foods. But don't fear...I got to alot of the places I did a want to go. I'm splitting this review in two Fashion and then Beauty... Here we go...!

I finally got to this almightly Steve and Barry's. It was okay. I was quickly drawn to the Bitten section which was half the front of store. But before I looked through SJP's creation...I rolled up on some badly needed jeans for 7.70. I admit, I only had two pair of jeans before, its a long story why, but now I got five. lol!

As you can see...this is all of what I got from the Bitten line. I tried on several pieces, but the fits were so wrong on me. Some women would let that get to them, but I spent my 20s worrying why something didn't fit me and fit someone else better. As Fashion Boy always said "It is what it is..." Moving on to what fits me. I will say to Sarah Jessica and design team tried. I like that she included plus sizes in the mix. But you CAN NOT take a size 2 pattern and copy it to a size 16 or 18 pattern and it fits right. Most big girls are not straight up and down. We got more curves than NASCAR. A lot of her pants and tops fit like that. It was like that took that same pattern and made it a big size and sewed it up and put it on hang and said "We go up size 22, pat me on the back!!!" or "here's our size XL!". Hopefuly in the seasons to come she'll revamp the largest sizes. Til' then I'll pass.

Goodies from my favorite one dollar jewelry store, This N That in Spartanburg. I actually put some stuff back and this is what I got. I stopped in there on way back home.

Messed around and walked into damn Nine West while in Haywood Mall. When I say the design of Nine West has went up a notch, I'm not joking. They know how to emulate a designer shoe or trend with class yet keep their loyal customer in the basics. I tried this flat on and almost clunked down 49.99 for it but declined for financial reasons of course.
And this flat is super comfy and love the pewter shade. The sales girl just brought it out to me as a idea because notice I had on the leopard flats from Almost Pink I bought last week. If I had had some money she would have made a killing!
I wanted this one too. For jeans and a cute top. Hell, I'm 5 foot even. I love flats...


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