A Fresh Coat Of Polish: Ruby Kisses Pink Flirts Red........

Monday, December 01, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

I applied Ruby Kisses Pink Flirts Red the day after Thanksgiving as a well deserved manicure after cooking Thanksgiving dinner. lol!

Pink Flirts Red reminds me of a beautiful pink lipstick. It looks like a glossy lipstick on the nails.I picked this up at the local beauty supply.

Also, my nails are taking off in the growth section! The first photo was two weeks ago for my college homecoming( the scar is from cutting my finger with a razor. smh.) and the second is Pink Flirts Red from last week. I see the difference. I finally figured it out.....if I don't pamper and stay on top of my polish and manicures, my nails will start to break and split. My nails are like my hair, they like top notch care. So I can't skimp around on the manicures just like I can't miss a weekly deep condition on my hair. I did two full blown manicures on those two weeks instead of my regular 'polish change' and the truth showed up!

Pin Of the Week! How To Wear A Necklace With Different Necklines.......

Hey Everyone!

Isn't this "Cheat Sheet" ingenious??? How to accessorize popular necklines by Charming Charlie. As a big accessory junkie, this is right up my alley.

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