Update: WnW/Lucky Magazine Promotion Gift...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Remember when I won the Wet N Wild/Lucky Magazine Promotion in the July issue of Lucky Magazine?... here's the link.

Well....It arrived today and this is what I won....

a lip gloss. a makeup bag. a coupon.

Now...the reason I'm acting so cynical about this is that the "ARV( actual retail value)" says $50 in the ad.


This not $50 worth.Do you know what $50 of WnW looks like? It's the most of the display in the store and they send me this!

I know I say free is better than nada...but come on...


-It came within a month of winning

-I got a the new WnW lip gloss to review

-I got a coupon I'm going to use to get the rest of their new e/s crayons I saw in CVS.I already have two.:)



Rural Glamour: Beauty Pet Peeve...Barefaced-ness...:)

This has been bothering me for a long time....I call it "barefaced-ness". I've seen it online, various websites,church, being out and about, etc, etc....

**You have on a bad outfit, hair and nails did and done, shoes and handbag just right...yet you have on no makeup...BAREFACED-NESS!!!***

And STOP it right now with "I don't how to do makeup" or "I don't do makeup" or ( my favorite excuse) "I don't have TIME to put on makeup" But YOU had time to go to the mall,waxed on and off about this hot outfit you got,drag people to the mall with you...yet you can't do 5 minutes of lipgloss and mascara.

As my Diva, B.Scott would say...bitch.boo.bye!!!

But your cousin Jamesy is here to help. In the next set of photos, I will show how to combat BAREFACED-NESS in about four steps....

#1( above)

Me...BAREFACED. But not dressed up. I was about to run an errand or two. But like Kimora Lee Simmons says " Leave the house dressed as if you might run into your worst enemy".

I did two coats of mascara and a golden sheer shade of lip gloss... See the difference? My eyes look "open" and my mouth ain't dry looking...

Fill in the brows...Jesus!!...I can't tell many times I see women with perfectly arched brows but they need just a little filling in because they have sparse areas. I used a Wet N Wild Brow Kit( complete with brush, two colors and a brow wax for wild hairs)

Now...I still look " BARE". Because I have splotchy areas and uneven color on my face...

Apply powder.This can be a powder foundation or just translucent powder to combat oiliness for a bit. It gives face "finish" and brings you WHOLE look together...
And the point is ....pulling your look together. Makeup is the cherry on top:)...