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~Swatches + Comparisons ~ A $1 MAC Yung Rapunxel Dupe and More....

Friday, September 28, 2012

I skipped on purchasing MAC Yung Rapunxel for the simple fact that it look dupeable. lol! That's no shade to MAC because the deep, dark purple shade is on trend for the season and I absolutely love dark lippies in the fall and winter.

Per my sis Rai of GlamMorena, I purchased to closest dupe of Yung Rapunxel ( in her opinion), Revlon Va Va  Violet.

Check out the video below!!

  I also pulled out  CoverGirl Queen Collection Fine Wine, which I already owned and I purchased another color from my local beauty supply, Nicka K NK lipstick in Amethyst.

Nicka K NK lipstick in Amethyst was only $1 at my local beauty supply!! In the last couple of years, Nicka K has stepped their lipstick WAY UP...there are tons of dupes hiding in those lippies!!

Swatches of Fine Wine, Va Va Violet and Amethyst on my arm. Looks all the same right? Well, check them out on my lips...
Revlon Va Va Violet
CoverGirl Queen Collection Fine Wine

NK Lipstick Amethyst

Looks like Amethyst is the closest to Va Va Violet and Va Va Violet is the closest to Yung Rapunxel! lol! Ah, the way the makeup weaves its way through the universe. :)

So what do you own Yung Rapunxel or Va Va Violet or Fine Wine or Amethyst? Let me know!