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Suwit Muay Thai camp – Your best choice for Muay Thai training

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

Muay Thai is a combat sport originating from Thailand. Few decades ago it wasn’t that known worldwide but nowadays there are professional Muay Thai fighters from around the world. The special rules and the use of all limbs on our body make this sport so appealing.
If you want to learn more about Muay Thai and practice it actively or you are already training Muay Thai but you want to improve your skills then visiting a Muay Thai camp in Thailand is a must.

Since Muay Thai is the most popular sport in Thailand and Thailand has a population of over 65 million people it is natural that you can choose from hundreds different camps around Thailand. In order to save your time we will suggest you one camp that has everything that is needed for a top quality Muay Thai camp.

Of course we are talking about Suwit Muay Thai training gym Thailand. So let’s see what makes this camp the best choice.

The most important factor in deciding on a Muay Thai camp is the qualifications of the trainers / instructors. Suwit Muay Thai has professional trainers with years of experience as active fighters. Many of them have won lots of competitions. With these trainers you can be sure that you will get the proper training according to your needs and abilities without risking any injuries or over training. You can also talk with them about different skills that you need to improve. They understand English and they will do everything they can to help you in and out of the camp.

Over the years Suwit Muay camp has invested a lot in their facility. The quality of the ring and the quality of the equipment is on a high level. You will get all the necessary equipment which is properly maintained.
This camp has organized training sessions and you will need to stick with them in order to progress fast. There are training sessions twice a day and the trainers work with very small groups which is a warranty for a successful training.

These are the two most important things to look before joining a Muay Thai camp and as you can see Suwit Muay Thai fulfills these expectations completely. Besides that it is situated on a great location (beautiful Phuket Island) and it has its own quality accommodation for a very cheap price!