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Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My father's favorite song was Joy and Pain by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly or to we black folks, "Frankie Beverly and Maze". lol! This week's F/B Soundtrack is Anthology by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. I Love this group with my everything! Where do I start with the favorite songs? Southern Girl,Look in Your Eyes,Feel That your Feeling,Golden Time of the Day and of course, Before I Let Go. You could be at a campus party in 1999 and the DJ put that on and all these 18, 19, 20 years would go crazy!! It was all because of my Daddy that I love them. I was listening to Disc 2 after long shift at the "Lion". I needed that, Running Away....


Ms. Jenn and Imari Seduction...

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If you haven't got it, get the new Essence( with the sexy ballers or Tyler Perry on front) and check out the sample of Imari Seduction and Jennifer Hudson's beautiful ad. Her makeup was done by Tia Dantzler who also did her face for various events including the Oscars and the December Essence cover. Tia's work is amazing! You can also check out behind the scenes pics at the photo shoot for the fragrance at Tia's MySpace page,

I like the scent alot, even from a magazine foldout. Kinda reminds me of Lancome Hypnose.


Reclaiming the Sun, Moon and Stars...

I decided this morning that I would go to church. I normally work on Sundays and can't get to service or just didn't go. I decided last week that I was going "reclaim" my Sundays for church service. I thought about how on Saturday nights when I was young, my mother would press my hair( b4 I got a relaxer when I was 9) and paint my nails. Then we would lay out my Sunday clothes and shoes just in time for Solid Gold, Amen, and 227. I laid my clothes and shoes out and then I picked my fragrance, Lagerfeld's Sun Moon Stars. This is literally the same bottle that my Granny bought me in Christmas of 1995, our last Christmas together. I forgot how I loved this scent. Have a super and blessed Sunday!