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Watching TV...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You ask where has your cousin been since Sunday? I've been watching TV. And no I don't have the cable back on even though Charter is paid in full and stalking me to reconnect....

My mom has been driving me crazy to get a digital converter box for my TV before 2009 so at least I can watch the basic channels and the news. So, Saturday she comes over and brings a one of those boxes that they have been talking a hole in everyone head about on TV. We hooked it up to antenna, programmed it and now I got about 15 digital channels to watch, with CLEAR picture and sound. The box is like a digital cable box with the guide and everything. It's like having free digital TV with no Cable channels!! lol!

The only downside is that you basically are stuck with CBS,NBC,UPN,ABC,MY Network,and about 5 PBS'.Depending on where you live....And when the screen "tiles" you can't call Charter or Time Warner and cuss them out about it.


This is a awesome way to cut out a cable or satellite bill and just watch regular ole' TV like we use to back in 1982.:)

Check the this site out and apply for the coupon to get your box. You going to need that coupon because they run like 60.00 and up. My Mom got mine from HHGregg for $2.00 after the coupon.



N.O.T.D:Zoya Indigo...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hi All! This is my first ever use of Zoya polishes( via a MUA Swap) and so far I like it. I heard the word on the street is that they flake after a day.I've only been wearing Zoya Indigo for 3 hours so I can get on that just yet. I also got another color in that swap I'll N.O.T.D., too.:)


Sorry if the polish is a bit messy. I was watching a great documentary on PBS about Ronald Reagan and his presidency.
I have something very similiar in Maybelline's Acoustic Azure. Just without the sparkle.

Review: Deep South Bath Co.Pumpkin Lavender Cream...

Friday, September 26, 2008

I think every one who has read this blog knows my love(obsession) with lavender. So when I received Deep South Bath Co. Pumpkin Lavender Cream, I was bit skeptical. Lavender and Pumpkin?
But it's actually a spicy/sweet combo,giving a rich yummy-ness of a Pumpkin Latte with clean spicy smell of Lavender. Perfect. It's been rainy the last two days so I've been wearing the Pumpkin-Lavender Cream and feeling very Fall!I can't wait to take the boys to the Pumpkin Patch!

N.O.T.D.:O.P.I. My Private Jet...

This is the best 7.50 I spent all week. I loved this color. It's like a dark gray with a really classy holographic sparkle. Not like 1998- Britney Spears- Body Glitter- Handkerchief top- sparkle. lol!!

O.P.I My Private Jet...

Review:Northwest Scents Lavender and Rosemary Hair Oil...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've been using Northwest Scents Lavender and Rosemary Hair Oil for about a week and I just love it for its ingredients:

Northwest Scents Moisturizing Hair Oil is made from a unique blend of natural vegetable oils which help bind moisture to the hair shaft. It contains coconut oil which has been scientifically proven to reduce the protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair when used in hair care both before and after washing.

Even though I already use a homemade oil blend, I use NW Scents Lavender and Rosemary Oil in the morning beauty ritual for beautiful scented hair that lasts all day. And you know how I heart lavender.:)

I haven't seen any changes in my hair by using the oil as of yet but I'm going to use that 2oz. sample size up so I can get their Peppermint Hair Oil next. Yum!


Pic and description:

Review:Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I know I'm super late on this one. But decided to pick the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge because I want the Beauty Blender Sponge. I have alot of liquid foundations and Tarte Cheek Stains that I do in the fall/winter but it is $19.95( for ONE) and I have saw on other blogs people doing comparison review with the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge. And it was $9.99. So I need to get my $10 worth since the $10 would've been gas for the non-existent gas we have South Carolina( We are running out). Does that make sense? Let's just say I almost returned due to a guilty conscience or pockets.

But chucked those feelings quick and popped this baby open Sunday and I totally love it. I used it wet with the Burt's Bees Tinted Moisturizer. That was too sheer.
Monday, I used it dry with a Revlon Foundation and it worked great. I got under my eyes without pushing lashes in my eye like my foundation brush does.
Tuesday, I applied Tarte Cheek Stain in Bronze Goddess by picking up the product with sponge and it gave my cheeks the dose of color I've been trying to get with those cheek stains FOREVER. I think I'm going get my mom one to put her stocking for Christmas. She's fan of makeup sponges and she'll like this one!:)

P.S.-This was the first time I ever saw in stock at the Spartanburg Tar-jay. So if your store does have it, you can get it online too. Click here!



The Quickie Chronicles Mini Collection ($121 Value)

What it is:A set of eight pocket-sized palettes for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

What it does:Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles Mini Collection contains eight mini compacts that meet all of your beauty needs. Streamline your routine with these portable palettes that let you play with all your favorite Too Faced products. On the compacts, Too Faced has vintage pictures of Hollywood Pinup Girls for a touch of whimsy and inspiration.

What else you need to know:The set includes the following eight beauty book palettes:
The Temptress, The Plaything of Passion, The Cupcake, The Starlette, 10 Year Anniversary, The Sure Thing, The Beach Bunny, and The Summer Lover.

Photo and description:
I need it now!!!!!


Happy 31st to Me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Born September 23, 1977 in South Carolina( 864 representa!!)
Thank you Lord God for this day...Thank you for allowing me a life for 31st year in a row. I praise you for my family and friends and for all you have done and will do for me. I thank you for loving me, for finding time for lil' ole' me... for the relationship we have. There have been hard times, but because I have YOU they have went smoother than they would if I didn't have you. Continue bless and care for all my blogging friends and family who come by the Rural Glamour spot each day. Come into their lives as you have mine. I'm not ashamed to proclaim your love on my blog because the gift of writing come from YOU, Lord! Hallelujah!!I ask that you keep on blessing me, no matter how great or how small. Lord, you know my test right now and ask that give me strength and cover me in your blood. I give you the highest honor and praise!!!! In Jesus name I pray...AMEN!

Beautiful Bullets...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mornin' Folks!

Wake up! The weekend is over and for me, it was great! I wore them midgets out! lol! But then they wore me out yesterday and we were through by Sunday night ! whew!

I observed so much and I must give it to you in bullets:

-Its back! It's back! Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! *screaming*

-You know those Stickers in Lucky Magazine?I've started to use them in other magazines and books. They are better than Post-its, I tell ya!

-Ever notice the wardrobe of Helen on The Jefferson's? She was FIERCE!!! I mean she was rocking the flip and the glossy berry lip like nobody's bizness...R.I.P Soror Roxie Roker!

-Checkout out the new lines of makeup at Target...Lauren AKA " Ask Fashion Kitty" ain't never lied...$18 dollar eyeliner, $34 makeup palettes?...that's what Sephora is for.

*Jemma Kidd-Pricey, Pricey! I know Target ain't Wal-Mart but dang.
*Pixi-Personally, I little too "blonde haired, blue eyed" for me. The packaging its self is iffy.
*Napoleon Perdis-Now...that's what I'm talking about! Diverse and it's got sexy lipglosses...

-Can we get a round of applause for Miss Adeea over at Haute & Hair?!!! She has wrote an open letter to Essence that ain't nothing truth and hopefully will set that magazine FREE, honey. Cause' I'll be real honest...I didn't buy that new edition with Mo' nique on it because she been on that cover so many times, I'm bored...

-Check out this cute bag @ Sephora!

The Sephora Project Bag-

Wear your heart on your sleeve…and now, on your bag too. The Sephora Project Tote is a pretty purchase with a purpose. Sephora is proud to announce the launch of The Sephora Project, a new initiative created to educate and empower women and girls whose mission, like Sephora's, is to make the world a more beauty-full place. When you purchase The Sephora Project Tote Bag ($12), six dollars from each bag will be donated to Girls For A Change, a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. That's not the only way this fashion with a passion shows its love—this Tote-ally good-hearted bag is made from recycled bottles that have been crushed and spun into fibers. Snag the new Sephora Project Tote and let the benevolence begin! It is available at all Sephora stores, by calling 1-877-SEPHORA, or by logging on to


Weekend's Ahead....

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm such a freaking procrastinator, it ain't even cute. I had "important" stuff to do today but I didn't do it.I've done nada but pay a bill or two, order in Mexican food,watch my Momma's digital cable, surf the net, and wonder what to do this weekend with the boys...
Maybe we'll go to the bookstore in the morning or something. Anything to get out the house. Anywho...Have a blessed, I really mean that! lol! We all don't have these super busy, exciting, and electric lives but some of us do:)...So have a great weekend.:)
My Birthday is over horizon ya'll. My My Space page already got me as "31"(?). I'm starting to get b'day cards in mail, too. My mother said she was going take me out to eat but then said I didn't need to go because I needed save money. What? Was I going to have to pay for my OWN birthday meal? She crazy, I tell ya. And I've been broke...I'm just not going to stay broke!!! Hallelujah! The blessings are coming each and every day. I haven't gone through financial hardship for nothing...It's a test. Think about it.:)
Just collecting my b'day cash because I'm spending on myself...and Verizon Wireless will get part of it too.
And...check out this new Chanel nail "lacquer" in Haut Chocolate. I saw this twice over at The Makeup Girl and must have it!
photo swagger jacked from The Makeup Girl

Review: Burt's Bees Tinted Facial Moisturizer in Deep...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Morning...Morning Folks!

I found Burt's Bees Tinted Facial Moisturizer at "Da Green's" last week for $1. I scooped up Deep and Dark shades just to see which would work on me. Now, I got to say that I love Burt's Bees but in the's pricey. They have this lipgloss that I have been wanting forever and its like 6.99. Whatev.:( Next !

So $1 is always a good look. As Chris Rock says in I Think I Love My Wife..."It's just a buck!"

I found out it must shaken up and squeezed around first. The moisturizer has all these natural oils in it that they settle, so when you squeeze it for the first time you get all this oil coming out!

The consistency is a bit thick on the foundation side so I applied it with a foundation brush but went on a bit streaky so the next morning a dampen the brush and applied it. Perfect! Maybe I should have read the instructions:

"How to Use It
After cleansing and toning your face, apply tinted moisturizer in small dots to cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Blend outward toward the edges of your face with your fingertips or a damp sponge. The formula may be applied alone or after your regular moisturizer if you have very dry skin."


The Deep shade is the perfect shade on the Diva.Soaks in and gives a great medium coverage that I haven't seen in a tinted moisturizer. Love it!!

Go find...if not, holla at ya girl...they got more up at the "Da Green's".:)



Co-Wash and Curls...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yesterday, I could take it anymore, I needed to wash my hair. But even though I wash my hair every 7 days, I was bit itchy and I didn't want scratch or coat my scalp in oils that might make the itching worse. So I Co-washed my hair...

Cowashing is washing your hair with (preferably) a moisturizing conditioner, eliminating the shampoo step which can be very drying when done relatively frequently.

I use to co-wash alot when I had natural hair and didn't wear a weave on top of it. You just simply wash your scalp with a conditioner,rinse, then wash your hair with conditioner and rinse. I felt the difference in my hair immediately..

I didn't have a regular conditioner at home just my deep conditioners so I dipped in my In The Company Of Sistas Sampler Box and pulled out Curls Coconut Sublime Moisturizing Conditioner (2oz size) and used it in the Co-wash.

I thought it would smell more "Coconut-y" but the creamy texture and the organic nature of the product made me forget about the coconuts!! It's actually formatted( and it says it on the bottle:))"Works great as a mid week conditioning rinse". Co-Washed Certified ya'll!!

After the wash, I used Elasta QP Styling Foam and H-Two and a my oil mixture. Then a twisted it but pinning up the ends and tying it down to air dry...

I loved the results... even though I wish my two-strand technique was alot was a lot better.:)

Adding co-washing to the regimen!


pics: me and

Review:Nikki Makes Scents Goodies...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I received my Sista Sampler Box from In The Company Of Sistas on yesterday( I ordered it on Friday!) was super excited about all the goodies inside. I going to review ALL of it...little by little, of course!

I got a chunk votive candle in Jelly Bean from Nikki Makes Scents that smells insanely gorgeous. I lit it in my living room while a read my September Vanity Fair and scent just made the room wonderful...

This morning after I showered , I used the Nikki Makes Scents lotion in Asian Bloom. I've never smells anything so sweet and warm that I've place this on my full size wish list from this site! I wish I knew the scent blend to Asian Bloom.:(
*Update!* The Asian Bloom mix is “ Orange blossoms immersed in aquatic florals gently warmed in amber and vanilla.” Thanks Nikki!!
Go by and check out In The Company Of Sistas or Nikki Makes Scents to cop you some of this great goodies!

Review: Chanel Exceptionnel De Chanel Mascara Intense Volume and Curl Mascara...

Sometimes Free stuff is good. Especially when you live in South Carolina, home of freaked-out-gas-pumping citizens who drove the gas prices up from 3.50 to this lovely price of 4.89( It was actually 5.01 at the pump when I pulled up) because they think the gas was going run out in Texas.
So when Allure told me they were sending me a Chanel mascara, I was ecstatic. Alas, the "Erykah Badu-bohemian-Pics taken on my digital camera-not enough beauty for one beauty blog engine in particular"aesthetic of Rural Glamour blog is sometimes a bit too much for those companies who send boxes left on the front pouch full of makeup swag. But I digress...

*looking around, first*

I like it actually. The brush(that actually is the same brush as Rimmel Glam'Eyes) pulled and tugged enormous length into my curly lashes. I applied two coats and loved how it made my eyes look doe-ish. But $28? The consistency is a bit weak and I would prefer a blacker black. I can't remember last time a bought a expensive mascara, any who. You know what $28 is to this South Carolinian?:

5.6 gallons in gas.

Thanks Allure!


BigGyrl Fab Outfit 09/14/2008...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey cuzins!!!

Sorry there haven't been alot of Big Gyrl Fab Outfits but after two weeks of tweeking three closets I have finally "edited" things down and made a list of basics that I must get before I get some fun stuff.

I had stuff in the closets, on the floor, in old suitcases from when I lived in the Rock that I HAD to go through and get rid of. But, in the last week, I've been able to go in my drawers and in my closet and come up with some great outfits. Still want new clothes though! lol!

My mom pimped me into a $5 bag sale at the Salvation Army on Saturday. The plan was to spend no money on clothes til' I find "better employment" but it turned out to be SUCH $5 blessing! I found a Gap Coat( that I could actually fit), three Gap cardigans, a Talbots black cardigan, a pair of George stretch bootleg khakis in guess?...18Petite. Also a cute Demin jacket and two pair of Target yoga pants in XXL. All for $5 and plastic Piggly Wiggly Grocery Bag. I was so focused that my uncle's ex-girlfriend was speaking to me and I did hear her! I'll post pics soon.:)

On to the Outfit...

Top: Ashley Stewart via Goodwill
Skirt: Wal-Mart like 3 years ago...
Shoes:Michael Antonio( They hurt like hell...)
Clutch: Vintage
Pin: Vintage Sarah Coventry
Earrings:Dollar Tree


Good Things do happen...

Friday, September 12, 2008

This week has been crazy/great/exhausting. But I believe and have super faith that I'll overcome the obstacles in front me. So, its Friday and I was planning to see the Family That Preys but its only playing at 2 movie theaters in the 'Burg with only 2 times, 7:30 and 9:30 pm.

Tyler better check on that mess.:(

That's not the good news of course...I won a $50 gift card to for being a "power spotter"(?) on Lucky Style Spotter. So, first thing I think is..."I can't wear nada on that website or afford it, but siffed around a got my first pair of Chucks above for $44... Yay!

Then I decided after oggling the Sista Sampler Box on In The Company Of Sistas for quite some time, and decided to get one. It's only 21.50 shipping included...I can't wait to see what I will get. Check out what they have in it and get one....

And I've started back Swapping on MUA and got the best swap today that included a MAC Fluidline Pot in Amethyst. You don't get alot a MAC on MUA unless you SWAPPING MAC....If you got swap list, Check me out under klassygyrl on MUA:)


photo: amd

Revamp Fall 2008: The Hair Continued...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's been eight weeks since my last relaxer so you know the deal. Thursday nights are Do-Yo-Hair night!!

I'm addicted to the Coarse Hair Diaries. The divas over there have so much get advice on hair growth, maintenance, products. All week, I just took lots of notes so when I go to Beauty Supply( that's the name of the place in Union) I'll be ye prepared...

I want to make sure that I was kinda stocked up for at least three months or so:
Two empty bottles( for oil mixture for my hair)
Elasta QP DPR-II and H-Two( adding a leave conditioner for the fall and winter)
Elasta QP Design Foam
Ilora 100 % Olive Oil
Cocoa Butter Oil( I really need Coconut Oil though...)
Hollywood Beauty Sulfur Hair Treatment
ApHOGEE Intensive Keratin Reconstructor
ApHOGEE Gloss Therapy
I need a new conditioning or moisturizing( did you know there is a difference)shampoo and I'm going go full steam ahead...
Check this amazing and super inspirational you tube by Sunshine @ Hairlicious, Inc....
It's why I picked up the Elasta QP DPR-II and H-Two in the first place:)

N.O.T.D.:TS(Trade Secrets) Nail Color in Belle...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I needed to treat myself to a mani/pedi after a long day yesterday... I wish I could tell ya'll but I KNOW who reads this blog so.... just keep me in your prayers, chants,

Doesn't this TS Nail Color in Belle look like lipstick on your nails. I love it...

That green n/p from the other day was a beyotch to get off, too!

Oh and I'm getting some free Chanel mascara in the mail from the Allure Experts soon...That thing really does work....


New @ Cecilia Jane...

Are these scarves not super cute? Cecilia Jane, along with some beautiful custom handbags are now carrying these amazing plaid scarves...which fits right into the Fall/Winter Trends...

Thanks for the pics, Simonair!:)

My Fall Handbag....*gushing and giggling*

Monday, September 08, 2008

The hunt is over, Divas!!I have found my Fall 2008 Handbag. The Nine West Dakota Fringe Tote.

I'm in love with a handbag.:)

But the reality is I can't even afford it. Even if it is $150. Maybe is will show up at the outlets...Next season...


My Birthday Wishlist...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

It is so only child of me to have list of things I want for my 31 st birthday( 9/23/08). God has been sooooo good to me and if I make it to that day with my family intact and healthy, that is the greatest gift!

Now on with the begging:

My cable turned back...(what was I thinking when I told Charter to turn it off?)

All the quads, lipglasses,blushes, and polish from MAC's Cult of Cherry

Ojon Revitalizing Hair Treatment

China Glaze Ink n/p collection

Barnes and Noble Gift Card

DKNY Delicious Night

Flirt! Glamourazzi

The Sephora Lash Stash

United Colors of Benetton Unisex Fragrance

an Ipod( RIP Creative Nano)

an orchid plant

a strawberry cheescake shipped from Junior's

a bottle of Schmitte Sohne Riesling, make that 2 bottles

Estee Lauder Sensous

Jessica Simpson Fancy

Whole Foods Gift Card

Five new bras( 44D)

Nina Garcia's 100 pieces book

Sex and The City Movie DVD and SATC Soundtract Volume 2

Solange CD

a new fall handbag

Ulta Gift Card

Cards,flowers( no roses, por favor), texts( I'm not much of a phone person)

Zoya Online Gift Card


N.O.T.D:Sinful Colors in Show Me The Way...

Hi cuzins!!
I did this polish, Sinful Colors in Show Me The Way this morning think that it would be darker than applied. This is 3 coats. Its kinda Halloweenish, but I kept it on anyway...and went to church! lol!
What do ya'll think? Let ya girl know:)

RG PrettyGyrl Spotlight: I Love Your Blog...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I want to give a big shout to my Chi-Town Beauty Partna'-in-Crime Miss Kim over at A Life Of Style for loving my blog. Kim has put me on to some the hottest sounds of music that I would have never thought of checking out. She has THE best taste in music!! Plus, my diva is in the know on the lastest fashions and beauty products but is still a drugstore junkie and loves a bargain. Some day we will sitting in the front rows of NY, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks, getting the first dibs on the news hottest products and be able to just "blog " about it !!!! lol!

Here's some of my favorites:

A Life of Style( of course!)

Mischo Beauty( Skee-Wee!!)

Thick Misses( Hey Katrina! WU people!)

Model Liberation(Hey Nikkia!WU people!)

in a word...fab


Makeup Masala

And in the spirit of sharing the love -

Here are the rules:
1. The nominated is allowed to put this picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who hearted you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.


N.O.T.D: O.P.I Parlez-Vous O.P.I?...

O.P.I. Parlez-Vous O.PI. ? from the Fall/Winter 2008 "La Collection de France. I WILL be getting the big bottle of this!! I love it!