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Saturday, September 22, 2007

I saw these questions on Pursebuzz and I thought it would cute to post my answers here and over there... Go over there and check out some answers!!!

1) Lash extensions- Have you tried it out, how much, how long does it last, will you do it again? Or anything else you want to share.

Never tried them but thought about it. I pass this salon in the 'Burg that has a sign outside "Lash Extentions!!!". But I don't need them.

2) What is your favorite foundation and why? (This is just for everyone who has asked)

My favorite of all time in Becca Foundation Stick in Pecan( I think). But I can't afford it anymore. It's like $38. But back in my "former" life, I didn't care about price.

3) Where do you find your NYX? Particularly those in Pennsylvania…

Well, I get mine at Rite-Aid AKA Edkerd( I still call it Edkerd's) and Ms. Sherry sells it at Almost Pink here in Union.

4) What is your favorite store to buy clothes at and what is your style sense

I love Target. They make the cutest stuff in my size. And not frumpy big booty mom stuff either. I also wish to live in Anthropologie. I love that store. I missed it...just thinking about it! My style sense has changed so many times in the last four years due to so much life upheaval and emotional change. Right now, I'm comfortable, bohemian with slight bit of classic but girly overall.

5) What product(s) will you never buy again and why?

Anything Rimmel. None it works on me. Oh and Clinique skin care, especially that 3-step horror, can burn in hell...:(


Wake up...

And stop sleeping on Avon!!!

I'm always looking for cheaper alternative to beauty with good quality. Sorry, I can't run out to a counter or Sephora when needed. I don't have resources anymore or right now. We have a Avon store here in the countryside. You can go in and try stuff out for size before ordering. I got Avon Clinical Eye Lift in a gift set and I absolutely love it. If you have seen the ads, it has a top eye lid gel and bottom eye cream. I use both and have saw that my brow area is a little higher and the slight shadows underneath my eye are gone. Avon says give it four weeks for maximum results. In two weeks, its on a roll there!

Now I've seen some of the Cynthia Rowley for Avon up close. So far, I need all the nail lacquers and lip glosses but the eye shadow quads did not impress me. But I plan on ordering quite a bit of it and really giving it a whirl. Plus, I must have that cute brush set and matching bag.:)


Ah...a new book. Well, its new to me. I got the boys up and we headed to the 'Burg for a little mommy/twins time at the bookstore. The intention was to get them some books about Halloween so that they can tell me what they want to be for Halloween so I can get the costumes. And looking for books about fall for them. They were not even interested! They found some strange fake cell phone Dora the Explorer book thing to whine about. But I ended up picking up this book for 4.95 and WWD Beauty August 2007. I tell you, that Barnes and Noble in Spartanburg is whiggedy wack when it comes to getting the WWD additions of having any kind of magazine or beauty book selection. I went to eye the Nina Garcia book for the fifty-eleventh time and it was stuck under the Yoga section...Get it together!!!

Anyhow...I can't wait to start to read it. I had been searching for something to indulge in reading. All the fiction seems so sexual and urban and stuff. All because I'm a black woman doesn't mean I only read Zane or that genre of fiction. If ya'll have any suggestions on good fiction or good biography, which are my favs, let me know.