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~Contest!~ Vote for me in Kleancolor April 2013 Beauty Blast!!....

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I've entered Kleancolor Cosmetics Beauty Blast contest for April 2013 and I need your help.

The contest is based likes and comments to contest entry I need you to either CLICK HERE or go to and go to "Posts" and my picture is under my name "Jamie Jeter" and like and comment so I can win!

Here's the design I came up with. I used Sheer Pastel Brown, White and Funky Yellow all by Kleancolor purchased by me at my local Beauty Supply Store. I'm absolutely fan of this company and these polishes. Kleancolor Black polish is literally the blackest polish I've even seen, perfect for nail art.

Thank you in advance for your "like" and comment on the photo!!! The contest ends April 30, 2013. Wish me blessings!!

Lippie of the day....Black Radiance Plum Orchid...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey everyone!!!

My Walmart finally updated their black radiance section and the new lipsticks finally landed in my area. Ive been looking for these colors for so long that I put the new color names in my phone so I can check the display for them!!

Check out Plum Orchid. It's a beautiful dark purple. I compared it to some the dark vampy purples I own and I have nothing like it. I always love when I get a color I don't own.

~Swatches~ Maybelline LE Vivids Lipstick in Pop Of Cherry and Infra-Red.....

Monday, April 08, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

What you seeing is correct. The beloved, chased after, hauled 2013 Maybelline MBFW Vivids lipsticks were found by moi at a Rite-Aid for discounted 50% off. This a very VERY recent collection, no more than two months old, sitting in a clearance bin. Tons of other stuff was in those bins too:new Essie polish strips, new N.Y.C. Spring collection polish.....

That was one of the craziest discounted makeup situations I've ever witnessed. 

 I picked up Pop of Cherry and Infra-Red. I didn't even think twice about buying these when they were full price because I have a zillion red lipsticks and $7 for a drugstore lipstick is STEEP.

 I KNOW. They look exactly alike! LOL! I tried my best to capture the differences in the two but my camera wouldn't capture it correctly. ( Pop of Cherry, top, Infra-Red , bottom)
You can sort of see that Pop of Cherry(left) is slightly lighter than Infra-Red( right). I will say, that both shades are bright and glossy!!!

~Swatches + Looks~ Wet N Wild ColorIcon Palette in Going in The Wild.....

Hey Everyone!!

First, I will say the search for these particular Wet N' Wild  ColorIcon 8 pans was the worst of all the 8 pans they have EVER offered.

1) No one knew what stores they were going to show up in until they started to SHOW up. Turns out, they only available at CVS, when WnW has been historically sending their limited edition stuff to Walgreens.

2)I searched for two Saturdays and one Friday( because I have a LIFE) for these palettes. If it wasn't for Nouveau Cheap blog's Interactive Map, I would have never found this one. Please get into the map. It will save you gas, time and sanity.

3) I get to the store where someone has noted they spotted them, and the display is GONE. I go to the regular display and there I see, behind the permanent 8 pans..... one Going In The Wild palette.

4) At the time, I only wanted the other LE Spring palette, Nude Awakening. But, I would have been a FOOL to leave Going In The Wild there, so I bought it.:/

So here we go.....

Going In The Wild
With out Flash
With Flash.
Swatched in order of the palette...

 This is one of the looks I played around with. I used this palette three days straight, playing with combinations and shades.....
To be honest, I don't like Going In The Wild....

1) The shadows are powdery and a fall out mess.

2) I can't believe I'm saying this but the shades are too light for my skin. For the exception of the dark crease shades: the browns, golds, even the lavender color are not wearable at all on my skin color. They just lay on my skin. The green is only vibrant because I used MAC Fix + to make it a low lid liner for this look. I knew from the jump that this wasn't palette I wanted out of this Spring Awakening collection but I just could not leave it there. I'm such a makeup addict!!! SMH!

Next up.... Wet N' Wild Coloricon Palette in Nude Awakening

~Swatches + Looks~ ~New Makeup for Summer 2013~ Laura Mercier Folklore.....

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

 Hey Everyone!!

So many people are ready for summer because this "Spring" we got going on, ain't hittin' on NOTHING!! LOL! Its cold one day and hot the next. At least with Summer, its a hot three months, some times four months.

Laura Mercier is definitely ready for summer with a new collection coming soon called Folklore. Check out what she lists as her inspirations for the collection:

"Laura Mercier’s inspiration for the Folklore Collection stems from Aztec influences and fantastical rituals, colours in this collection are reminiscent of ancient symbols and artifacts, textiles and jewelry. When conceptualizing the collection, Laura envisioned the spirit of earth and fire infused into an illuminating new mosaic of colour. The products create a naturally bronzed look, with fiery shades that are perfect for day and night."

The Folklore Collection is available at Laura Mercier's Official Site. Go check out all the pieces of the collection! Today, I'm going to show you what I was sent.:)

 I received two Lip Crayons in Folklore and Burnt Clay and a Gel Liner in Canard......

 Lip Crayons in Burnt Clay and Folklore....
Swatched on my hand, Folklore at the top and Burnt Clay at the bottom....

Burnt Clay is a dark tan brown colored lip color. This Lip Crayon went on buttery and very smooth, just like a lipstick. Its also pigmented like one of the LM lipsticks so I would not compare Burnt Clay to one of the popular "Lip Balm Stains" that are out. This is the 2nd makeup company I have seen do a dark tan brown in a Summer or Spring collection. mark. Cosmetics also has one in their Marrakesh collection. Check out my post HERE!
However, Folklore's texture was different. It applied more balm-ish than Burnt Clay. It was also more sheer than Burnt Clay. Folklore is a bright pink with a purplish tint to it.

 Gel Liner in Canard...

 Canard swatched on the back of my hand....

 This is my first LM Gel Liner. It applies very creamy, almost mousse like. It's glossy going on but dries matte. I found it to move a lot and it smudged all day, I was cleaning around my eye every time I looked in the mirror. I tell you, tarte Gel Liners have me spoiled!!! I wasn't expecting  so much maintenance with this liner. However, the color is gorgeous!!! Canard is a dark teal blue with no shimmer. and I can't think of anything drugstore like it. Maybe high end but nothing on shelves that compare to this color.


Beautiful collection to fit this summer's hobo and tribal chic trends. 

Disclosure: These products were sent to me for consideration. I was not paid for this post.