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F.O.T.D with L.A. Colors, Goodwill Haul and Tuesday Morning Has Makeup?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

 I'm always finding things...unopened....I'm ashamed sometimes. really.:(

However I found these L.A. Colors Professional Series 10 Color Eyeshadows in my stash this morning...I had totally forgot about them! I purchased them at Dollar General for a $1 a piece.

 I created a look with the "Brights" ( the unopened one). They are a bit sheer, but wearable brights for a subtle look or punchy office look. Plus, the price is great, especially if you are a beginner and you want to experiment.

The key to making cheap makeup work, in my opinion, is technique. I personally know women who own tons of high end makeup and don't know a thing about putting it on. People ask me all the time, what eye shadow or lip gloss and I'm wearing and I tell them Wet N' Wild, Milani, Hard Candy, etc. and they can't believe it. I invested the time...on You Tube ( LOL!) to learn how to apply makeup, even if its cheap. I'm not  knocking the high end brands ( because I love alot of them personally:)) but technique can take $1 eyeshadow to another level!

Now that I've preached my sermon today...let the chuuurrrch say "A-MON"! lol!
 Sub par technique today.:( But I had some say to me in the grocery store, "Your makeup looks amazing!"
 Now on to my mini Goodwill Fashion haul!!

 Over sized Clutch-$3....Ummm...those elephants are doing too much. Me and Elephants...don't get along, chile. lol! But I loved the over sized fabulous of it, reminded me of these Reiko and Juannette . Saving money has me wanting to haul plus size lingerie from Simply Yours.
 Vintage Button Earrings-$1....

So, I ventured into Tuesday Morning...since I heard they sell cosmetics. I never go in there because....ummm....they sell home stuff, and I dont own a home, and when I owned a home, I couldnt afford to do anything to it...but I digress. I MUST go into more since there other things than home stuff. I love it in there! I had the bam-bams with me, so I didnt have time to troll but I did come across the beauty stuff and scored some Cyndi Watson Cosmetics  for $.99 a piece. Yass ma'am $.99!!!

Color by Cyndi Watson Bronze & Glow Bronzer/Highlighter Pencil in Sunlit Sand
Color by Cyndi Watson Cover & Blend Full Cover Pencil w/brush in Olive Sand
Color by Cyndi Watson Corrector & Concealor in Rich Brown & Natural Brown.