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Review: Curls Joy To Your Curls Kit....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi Everyone...I'm such post hog today:) I just got some much goodness and gratefulness going on inside I just want to share all the yummi-ness!!!
Recently, I had a chance to test the yummy-ness that some lucky winner will receive in their Curls Joy To Your Kit. That winner will also get something extra special in that kit:
Champagne Curls and Kaviar Kinks Hair Restoration and Growth Treatment - formulated with champagne grape and caviar extracts, this growth enhancing, hair strengthening/replenishing treatment is THE solution for women that chemically alter their hair.
How Blessed!!
Here's what I thought of the 3 items I got to try:
Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream - I'm always in search of a creamy shampoo that moisturizes and doesn't strip. This is it!! I did just one wash and my scalp felt fresh and my hair was clean and glossy. "That was the shampoo?" I asked myself!
Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner - Hands down...favorite of the kit. Its got super softening skills in a matter of minutes....
Curl Souffle - I've been using this as my daily moisturizer on my relaxed, straight hair. It's genius...very lightweight and feels great after applying. It must double as a! because my hands are feel so great after putting it on my hair!
Make sure you enter the contest!!! It ends Friday and we pick on Sunday, December 21!!!

Shopping My Stash... mark.Toute Sweet Whipped Eye Shadow in Fluff and Flou....

Ok...So I bought these, maybe two years ago, used them once, hated it, then tried to swap them off on MUA. No Avail..folks were not interested. I was cleaning out a drawer last weekend and there they were...sigh. I told myself "You are going work these out.":)
They are very souffle-ish. I actually love Fluff( left). Frou(right) looks like frosting. Everything "frosty" doesn't always translate to my skin well.

I put Fluff from the lashline to the crease and Frou from the crease to the lashline. I finally figured out that the best thing for applying cream shadows is a BRUSH. lol! I found a brush( in that same drawer) that was from a H.I.P. Paint tube that I had never used. So I used it. Worked like a charm!
( check out my freaky straight/curly lashes. No curler or curling mascara works... Help me!)

Now, what these pictures don't show it that its really streaky in color.Its formulation, after applied, has to dry up. So it looks streaky, which reminded me why I didn't like them in the first place...
Anybody own or owned these...let me know!

RG Project Bonus!...H.I.P. e/s in Riotous...

About a week ago, Walgreens had their BOGO Free on H.I.P. I picked out Riotous and Platinum( that's coming up later!).I did this look...ummm...Friday?lol! I can't remember.

Beautiful highly pigmented green side and the dark blackish green gives powerful color too. I love green eye shadows and blue nail polish...two of makeup favorites! Oh...and bronze-y lip gloss.
Check out my hat...$1.00 at the No Name Dollar "Sto". They also have those mini hand mixers(like for drinks and stuff) for....a dollar! lol!

N.O.T. D.: Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl...

Today is the second anniversary of the day that my Daddy,Michael, went to Heaven to hang out with his brother and my Granny...I miss him soo much! It wasn't til' I was older that I realized I was a Daddy's Girl. I wanted so much for him to love me and be proud of me. When I was little I cry for hours because he would walk out the door to go somewhere and I couldn't go!! lol! I know that got on my mother's nerves!( hehe)

Today I'm wearing Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl. Y'all...this is actually a deep jelly like dark purple with purple sparkle but I couldn't get this camera to convey the color right. This pic above is outside...

And this one is inside.... I love it though... My Daddy would be like..."Your nails are growing." :)