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Rural Glamour: Playing With MAC Pigments and Loose Eye Shadows...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have a mini tackle box full of pigments and loose shadows that I tend to forget even exist. When I first discovered MAC pigment in 2005, I was amazed and quickly became a junkie, trying scope up as many as I could. I bought most of them, all samples, on Ebay. Then I got to bored...

Ever so often, I reach for the tackle box o' piggies to see if I work with any. I'll be honest pigments are little intimidating. They are loose, tend have fall out all over my face. Well....after a many You Tube videos on working with them and all the uses for them, my confidence is back!!

Here I have MAC Golder's Green and Gold Dust and BE Emotion. I've never used Emotion and don't know how I came to own it. Golder's Green and Gold Dust...I've used but were not super excited about them....I picked them all out of the box by chance.

I used Gold Dust in the inner corners to almost the lid...pressing the color in the skin with a stiff brush...layering for intensity. Then Golder's Green in the mid lid. I blended the two slightly. I've learned that it better for me to blend as I go rather than wait to all the colors are applied. Then Emotion is applied in the corners up into the crease, halfway...just to my iris.

I love it!! It's looks like camouflage!
I think I'll start a Pigments/Loose Eye Shadow Challenge like the H.I.P. eye shadow Challenge...I got so many to work with:)
Anybody else have piggies or loose shadows and how do you "work" them?
Holla at me!!