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Pure Pleasure...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I love a good foot cream. Even though I could never get with the pedicure a week @the "nails spot" thing, I try to maintain my best at home with soft feet and simple polish. The Product Fairy dropped in my mailbox, Amala Herbal Foot Therapy by Akhassa. I put it on my weary, stand at the Circulation Desk feet after a long bath and slipped on some cotton. My feet felt wonderfully rich and refreshing. Visit for more great products including my wishlist item for now, Akhassa Soy Candles!!


Rave!!: Rhassoul Polish System

My skin on my face is literally like steel. It takes a beating and keeps on moving.I have tried all kinds of systems, collections,etc. and nothing has made my face breakout or peel except of that God forbidden Clinique 3-step! So when I received the Rhassoul Polish System, I wasn't nervous about switching to try another skin care routine. But was nervous about using soap on my face, ie. the Clinique soap in the 3-step:(. Jody, my lavender queen at Daybreak Farms, reassured me that its one the most natural, gentle "way to glow". It comes in two lather layers.I first washed my face with the Rhassoul bar by directly massaging the bar on my face as instructed, creating a thick lather. Next I lathered up Prairie Oat Mint Bar and applied the lather on top of the Rhassoul lather. After rinsing thoroughly I could feel the exfoliation of the skin. You would have thought I used some grain like scrub to get that smoothness. After a week of using the Rhassoul and Prairie Oat Mint Bar on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and just Prairie Oat Mint Bar on Tuesday and Thursday, I saw that the large pores on my cheeks were significantly minimized or gone, the texture of my skin was brighter and smoother and there was not a dry patch on my face not one day. This system of washing is phenomenal and I don't say that very often about skin care. Visit DayBreak Lavender Farms at