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Monday, June 30, 2008

Keyshia Cole wearing Essie Shorty Pants?!!!


BigGyrl Fab Outfit 06/29/2008...

I'm going really do better with the background in these BG Fab Outfits. I've been piling up old magazines for the boys' so we can make collages this week.
This week...the kids( whose school is closed for the week of the 4th) and Mommy ( who has diligently worked for Le Lion for over a year and has EARNED her paid week's vacay) are on Vacation. Actually a "Stay-cation" but I have so much for us to do and will be taking massive pics. Like this morning when we went to da Pig( Piggly Wiggly) and they got balloons and recyclable grocery bags!
Sunday's Best: What wasn't going on at church? Too much. Spotted my so-called older half-sibling.:(/:) ( I'm sure she says the same thang...)
Top:It's Fashion
Capri's:TJ Maxx
Bracelet:This N'That
Shoes:Nine West( Like five years ago...And they hurt like 5 years!
Bag: white vintage pleather clutch via Goodwill

Coupon! Coupon!!

Hey Cousins!!! Here's a coupon for $2 off any Revlon Beyond Natural Product ONLY at Target. I love the Cream Shadow Quads and hope to try the mascara. And look another drugstore primer! I copped the Rimmel look for a review soon!!

Haul and Call...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey cousins and friends and babies daddy's:)...

It's Friday and I'm tired physically and mentally. But God is wonderful, magnificent, and worthy of praise, praise and praise!!!! I got to get my energy up!!

This is a cool little haul I got last Friday. The VS Sexy Little Things e/s in Purr and Flirt are from the Victoria's Secret in Columbiana Center Mall( When I stopped through the Metro to have lunch with a friend) and the VS Beauty Rush l/g in Berry Latte and VS Sexy Little Things Glitter Lash in Pink are from the Charleston King St. Store. Altogether...$12.80 spent.

Full Face with a Wet N' Wild Bronzzer that I don't think matches anymore. I look ashy. I chunked that thing!
The eyes...I should've blended but I applied the e/s' wet so that the glitter wouldn't be all over my face. That Purr e/s is GORGEOUS!!! If you can get me some of these in a different colors other than what I got at your VS Semi-Annual Sale( The Spartanburg Store didn't have ANY) let a DIVA know...

The Glitter Lash in Pink is so fun. The SA at the King St. Store sold it to me like a sales monster. She knew her stuff and compared it to Smashbox 24Kt Golden Effect Top Coat Mascara...which I was thinking about as I was holding it. Was she reading a Diva's mind?Spooky. Any way I bought it and almost bought the other tube left.

Also got those great sponges at Target two weeks ago by N.Y.C. The different shapes and angles helps me get under my eye to clean up messes. But they need to be thicker and spongy-er.

Have a great weekend. I got to work.:(


Super Rave!: Sally Hansen Shea Butter Rapid Finish Nail Color Dryer...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yes, cousins and divas, I did watch the BET Awards and no, there will be no fashion commentary from the House of Country Glamour. I still got visions of Al Green in my head. "My Chocolate Dimpled One" came to my job this morning serenading me with "Love and Happiness"... Dimples and a out of tune voice....I'm in love! lol!!

The show was boring... so I started to do my nails and because I'm impatient, I used Sally Hansen Shea Butter Rapid Finish. Just a spray and 30 seconds and my nails were dry and glossy and stayed glossy. I got this at my CVS for 50% off.

It's perfectly exciting...:)


Only for Chucktown...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Let me be honest. Charleston is about a good solid three hours from Union. I actually could get to Atlanta quicker. But anyways, these two places would be the only reason I would go back to shop...

Stella Nova

Lawd help me! This shop of overwhelming beauty caught my eye as soon as we got on King Street. It had every line you could possibly dream of for little country girls like me with big city taste. Let me be even more honest with my beauty obsessed divas...

It was the first time I ever smell and touched a Bond No 9 fragrance and they had like 50 of them.

They also had this new line called of cosmetics called Stephanie Johnson.

They even had Elnett hair spray, you know the hair spray they claim you can't get other than LA or NYC or Europe? It was right slab in the middle of Charleston, South Carolina.

I got nothing. I had no time because I was with some peeps but I will always remember the beauty orgasm I had when I saw my beloved Er'go Candles in every scent( I used to get them at Metro Deluxe when it was in Charlotte) and the Kevin Aucoin Brushes...

I finally figured out where I got these earrings for 5.00 a piece. So Good Jewelry!


Home Sweet Upstate South Carolina...

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back home from the mini-vacay to Chucktown. It was cool but I'm definitely a "Upstate person" as my friends would call me.

It was hot as hell and then it would rain like straight hell. So I was wet with sweat and wet with rain.

I did however cool off with this lovely beverage at the Farmer's market...
And I was cute in this Saturday night ensemble for the big girls...

Top: The Limited

Jeans:It's Fashion

Shoes:It's Fashion

Bracelet:Juicy Couture

Earrings:I can't remember but I'm going blog on it later...

Dang!!I wished I remember where these earring were from!!I got them in Charleston, on King Street, in this store that was MILES of accessories!!! And I was going to blog on it because I got some other cute earrings there too! Ugh!


Essentials for the Weekend!...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cousins and divas, I'm going away for a short "holiday" this weekend to the great city of Charleston, South Carolina! I haven't been to Chucktown in like 10 years. And this is the first time in five years, I'm going some where other than Charlotte or Atlanta, which neither never feels like a vacation spot to me. I'm super excited!

I actually found a place in Spartanburg( Trade Secrets in the Westgate Mall) that sells Essie Nail Lacquer. I picked up Shorty Pants from the Neon Collection and I'm rocking it for the weekend.

I also threw this in my handbag for the weekend. Lumene Express Touch Cleansing Wipes have helped me so much this week. I've been serious worn out when I come home from work and I just use one of these and it gets the makeup off(Because I will sleep with makeup on in a minute). I wish they made this is in a bigger size!

Sally Hansen know they have step the game up in there lip product department( have you seen their "Lip Lab")!!! I've been rotating between the Comfort Shine Lip Glaze in Sugar Cookie and the Natural Butter Lip Shine in Fresh all week. There was no way I wasn't taking these with me to Charleston! They both feel yummy and smooth on the lips and give a sexy natural look to my pout for the summer.

Well...Pray for my traveling mercies and that this GPS thingy works and have a great weekend!!


Review:Cover Girl Blast Collection Eyeshadow Quad in Tropical Fusion....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hi ya'll!! I finally purchased the new Cover Girl Blast Collection Quad in Tropical Fusion( top palette in the picture) and was super excited to use it. I love bright shadows but you know, I complain that I'm not very technique-y with colors. I feel I must break free that negativity!!!! And go and do what feels good when it come to applying my makeup...
With the flash(at 6:00 this morning): I did the blue the corners, the orange in the center of the lid and the yellow in the inner corners. The color payoff is HORRIBLE! It took about four layers just to get this color. All the colors are super sheer and I was using a Sonia Kashuk sponge applicator tipped brush so I could get the vibrancy. I put that brush down and went to work with a basic stiff eyeshadow brush. Nothing. Nothing like I thought it would be.
Without the flash.
Full face: I wasn't happy but I might try it wet. I don't know.


BigGyrl Fab Outfit 07/15/2008...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Went to church, Hallelujah!!! Praise Him!!! lol! My aunt texts me in church, "R ya'll in church?"

I text back( Forgive me saints...) "R u in church?" lol!

Top: It's Fashion( I got this off the clearance rack there and it looked as no one bought one. All the sizes were still there)
Skirt: Goodwill
Shoes:Avon Clearance Maglog( I think I bought these two years ago and they had never been worn. And they actually really comfy, for wedges.)
Bracelets: Dollar Tree/This N' That mix
Necklace: Almost Pink
Earrings: Divas on Main


Review:Wet N'Wild I-Sparkle In Twilight+F.O.T.D....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Late as usual on this one. Plus I've had Wet N'Wild I-Sparkle in Twilight for about a month maybe two. I bought it around income tax time.

Sigh,It looks so pretty in the case...

On My eyes:I only used the purple and peach color.I was confused about the white background.
Full Face: This was like 8:30 am this morning. And I'm already greasy!!!lol!

Conclusion:It's a so so palette. Confusing. Suggestions? Anybody own this?


BigGyrl Fab Outfit 06/13/2008....

Friday, June 13, 2008

About three hours ago I ate a greasy, salty 2-piece meal from Bojangles. I still feel greasy.

No more fried chicken this summer for me. I feel like I need to throw up. Ugh.

But I feel cute in my Day-Off-From-Le Lion ensemble. Got some of emotional focus back. Got knocked on by back last week and the first part of this week. Truth Smoogie and my Noogie are going to the Plaintiff's for the week and I'm already experiencing missing them. I needs my babies, ya'll! And Father's Day is Sunday:(

Top:It's Fashion
Jewelry:This N'That
Headband:Some random scarf from my Momma's Closet
Shoes:Loeffler Randall for Target(7.99!)


The Benefits of....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ah....I totally forgot how I loved me some BeneFit til' I got this email on a new fragrance they got called the b-spot. I totally wiped Maybe Baby out for about two years( I'm going home to see if I got a drizzle left of it somewhere). I need this scent it sounds so yummy....
Every gal's got one (a few, actually)... b spots, that is. Awaken your most seductive pulse points with this new fragrance from Benefit. It's a sexy combo of lush mango; faster, faster, freesia; provocative peony & steamy sandalwood... and don't forget to shake, shake, shake your amber, baby!
Tips and tricks: Packaged with our sexy "body map" to find your b spot
And...They got my absolute favorite thing BeneFit ever made The Bathina Shower Cap on sale online for $12.00. I don't wear a shower cap when I do shower but I want another Bathina one...I think I might straighten my hair out. THINK is the key word here.:)

Part Two?....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If you have purchased the CD(not the download, you techies!...) of the Sex And The City soundtrack, you'll notice that it mentions in the book/liner notes( don't you LOVE liner notes?) that there is a part two of the soundtrack coming soon. What? When? Give more info?
My History Major/ 9 grad hours toward a Masters in History research skills are not bringing up anything on the web on this.
Can you Divas help me?


Cuzin Jamie

Tagged...A MeMe....

Monday, June 09, 2008

The rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1)What was I doing 10 years ago-It was the summer before my senior year at Winthrop and I was Summer School session B or C( Can't remember what I was taking) at the WU. I lived in East Thomson Hall with my best roomie Shan and worked at Hecht's. Dranking and partying alot. I literally was wearing a size 8, I dranked so much and ate none!!! I went to Myrtle Beach three times that summer.What didn't happen that summer? One of the best summers of my life!!! Just having a good time.

2)What are 5 things on my to-do list? Mail off some bills, Wash clothes, Eat lunch ( It's like 1:52pm now), Cook dinner later,

3)Snacks I enjoy: Popcorn, Fage Yogurt,Nilla Cakesters...I'm not big snack kinda girl.

4)Places I've lived: Rock Hill, SC, Union SC, felt like I lived in Charlotte NC sometimes.

5)Things I'd do if I was a billionaire: Wow. Set up trust funds for the boys' and get all of my finanicials in order. Ya'll know Mo Money, Mo Problems. . Shop. Wait...I don't think I would want to that kind of money anyway. Maybe couple million would be better

6) People want to know more about: I don't know.



Compare and Save! Chanel Robertson Blvd Nail Lacquer Collection...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I've been sweating that Chanel Robertson Blvd Nail Lacquer Collection something serious. It's just something about yellow nail!!!

So, I was sitting in the Mickey's D drive thru during lunch time Tuesday flipping thru a Lucky mag and ran across the collection AGAIN. And the price of each. $25 a bottle. Now if I was rolling in little money, hell, I would call that boutique and L.A. and tell them send all four, promptly. But chalk it up Le Lion... tell them give me a raise...I've been there over a year! lol!

But being the penny-pinchin' Diva I am( I was in that drive-thru ordering a $1 side salad and $1 Sweet Tea...) I thought I could re-create the line...Drugstore Style.

Check it out from the left:

Sinful Colors in Pink Forever( Is that sign, hehe!)

Cover Girl Boundless Color in Luxe Lilac

N.Y. C. Nail Polish in Taxi Cab Yellow

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Fashionista Orange

All from Walgreens except the Taxi Cab Yellow( Target)



Have you seen it #2....


I saw these super bright eyeshadow quads and trios from Cover Girl twice( Walgreens and CVS). I'm thinking of picking up the one with the orange, blue, green, etc. in it.

Has anyone seen it? Or tried it?

Holla at ya girl!!


Review:Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in 060 Deep....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I refuse to give ya'll a half-asses review on the Revlon Custom Creations Foundation. But it's still going to short and to the point! I grabbed this about two weeks ago at Walgreens. I was dying to use it!
So after couple of swatches on the jaw bone, I set mine at 4, as my customed color. The formulation is very sheer. It took me two full face applications for the coverage I like.
Here in this pic is all 5 shades from the bottle: from the left: 1,2,3,4, and 5 with a camera flash.
All of it looks the same, doesn't it? See the swirls

Without the flash. Hmmmm....

Without makeup.(cringe) and without a smile.:( I have alot of darkness around my mouth and acne scars

With two applications of number 4.
Ya'll decide. I'm still on the fence a bit. Anybody else use it?

Super Rave: CK IN2U for Women....

Monday, June 02, 2008

I get really obsessed during the summer over smelling extra fabulous. First, it gets hotter that hell here.Second, you sweat regardless of the extreme A/C you sit under all day because you don't want to go outside. Third, the A/C in my car...stays on the blink.

So when I went into the Westgate Mall Belk *gasp!*( I was looking for the boys some sandals...) I found myself buying FULL PRICE CK IN2U. I love it! It's so fresh and sweet and I felt clean in it. Check out the notes:

Defined by the spirit of today’s youthful generation, this bold, authentic fragrance opens surprisingly with redcurrant leaves, Sicilian bergamot and pink grapefruit fizz underscored by sugar orchid and white cactus. Red cedar, neon amber and vanilla soufflĂ© complete this fresh, flori-oriental fragrance

Now I'm needing that lotion to match...:)


Pic and quote:

BigGyrl Fab Outfit 06/01/08.....

Happy First Sunday!!

I know, I didn't look happy. I took these pics after Morning Service. After Grandma made me mad in church! Sad, I know. I just couldn't shake it. But here goes:

Top:It's Fashion( like three years ago...)
Tank:James Perse via some outlet store in Pineville,NC that I can't remember the name...
Pants:It's Fashion
Belt:Simply Fashion
Bracelets:This N'That
Vintage Hair Pin: Goodwill

I can't wear earrings right now because my right lobe hurts. Probably because of all the cheap earrings I wear. So I settled for a vintage pin I found at the Hillcrest Goodwill.