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~Fresh Coat~ Wet N' Wild Bird Bath....

Monday, May 30, 2011

 Today Fresh Coat is Wet N' Wild Bird Bath from their "Bloom" collection. I only bought Bird Bath and one other color from this collex. This is two coats, a bit streaky though...

$1 ring from a local the contrast!

~Fresh Coat~ Kleancolor Red Crackle/Kleancolor Neon Yellow

 Forgive messy-ness of these Kleancolor Crackle application...I was too excited to try them! I found them at one of my local BSS for $1.99.

I wearing the Red Crackle over Neon Yellow...These crackles are very very different from my China Glaze ones:

1. It takes a minute for them to Crackle. I thought I had gotten a bad bottle.
2. Even though I applied a top coat, it started to chip and wash away the FIRST day. O_o.

Oh boy....

I got three more colors to post of the Kleancolor Crackle Polish. Pray for us. lol!

~Adorn'd~ Almost Pink $1 Jewelry Haul....

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

I stopped into one of my favorite stores in my hometown, Almost Pink, to troll around. They have some amazing $1 jewelry...but you have catch it at the right time. She also sells other amazing things like clothes, shoes, handbags. Check them out here on Facebook!

Ammmmaaazing printed bracelets! $1 a piece. When I got home, I though I should've gotten some of the other prints to mix and match. I'm trying to think outside of the box a bit these days. When did I become so super safe with fashion? *shrugs*
Love this big ol' ring....
Ya'll know...I love heart jewelry....
Thought these wear a great pair of dressy earrings for a $1. When I shop for $1 jewelry, I always look for as much quality as a can.
Pretty periwinkle blue earrings with the burnished silver...they came in alot of colors...
I'm addicted to feather earrings...but I'm not spending $20 for some. #noshade
When I saw these, I thought these looked like earrings that alot of the handmade jewelry designers do. I couldn't believe they were a $1.
I like the print...I have some plain silver one like this but I paid waaayyy more than a $1 for them.
Playing it safe...I only got these earrings in black...Can't believe these were a $1 either. smh
The owner said these earrings were the third time they have gotten them in because they always sell out.
I love the charms on these but not the chain. Switch up time!!

Love these simple necklaces...I'm wearing black one now with a pair of simple hoops...perfect match!

~Glam Grub~ Village Tea Smooth Jasmine Green Tea....

Friday, May 27, 2011

  Happy Friday!!

In a effort to curve my coffee consumption, I've picked up my old tea sipping ways. The coffee was killing my stomach, I mean stomach aches for hours. I'm so happy that Village Tea sent over ALOT of tea for me to share and show to you all, so get ready tea, tea, and more tea!

First up is my current favorite of Village Tea, Smooth Jasmine Green Tea.....

Ingredients: chinese green tea, jasmine flower petals

Health Benefits: antioxidant rich, skeleton density support, heart health support

For a distinctively Asian flavor, our Smooth Jasmine Green tea is made with Chinese green tea and jasmine flower petals.

I know that Green Tea is suppose to be healthy but the jasmine flower petals and the aroma of this tea is what captured me from the first sip. I sweeten with either sugar or agave nectar, making this a truly divine cup of tea!

Noticed that chipped up cup? lol! Well, that cup is from Starbucks and purchased it in 2007. It became chipped in my old house, where the sink as made of pure porcelain. You can't toss glass in a pure porcelain sick, it is sure to break! But, this is my favorite tea cup. Now I want to collect more teacups!

I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are my personal and honest opinions

~Adorn'd~ Wal-Mart Jewelry Haul

Thursday, May 26, 2011

 I mentioned on my last $1 dollar jewelry haul video...that I noticed Walmart was starting to stock some very cute jewelry but some the pieces were a bit on the pricey least it was pricey of Walmart.:/

I picked up a couple of clearance pieces today, I wouldve gotten more but I was in a hurry...don't you hate that?

(above) a silver necklace set with matching earrings-$3
 Two sets of bracelets for $3 a set..I plan on stacking them all together. They look like pieces sold at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters...
 Close up of one of the sets with a "Live Laugh Love" charm on it....
 Those charms are so adorable!
 I saw some earrings similar these on Etsy one time....the seller called them "willow" birds

Close up of the necklace...I love this letter envelope charm...I'm hopeless fan of snail mail.

~Nail Polish Haul!!~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~Adorn'd~ Anthropologie Fabric Marshmellow Necklace...

 I love Anthropologie, but their clothes, prices, and sizing don't love me back. I admit, I long to purchase clothes from there when I get smaller and if I was gifted a shopping spree, it would be the 1st place I  would go. Recently, I found out that Anthro is coming a little closer me than Charlotte. A new store is planned in Greenville SC and I'm excited!

I purchased this Anthropologie Fabric "Marshmellow" Necklace back in March. I thought of it for summer, with all white. A perfect summer statement necklace.....

I wore it today for the 2nd time to my kids' awards day. One of the mothers of a child in my oldest son's class was like "You look so cute... like an out of towner"...LOL! I get it...I look chic and definitely not from this mudhole town but alas I'm from here.
My favorite parts of the necklace are the interlooping pearls and the khaki colored grossgrain ribbon. I bought this on clearance for $19.95 and it was worth every penny. I have another Anthro necklace I paid $20 for that was worth the coins too...

I look super glowy....don't I? lol! Its Ruby Kisses Set N' Forget Powder in Banana ( very similar to Ben Nye Banana Powder but cheaper:)) soon. I'll just tell you this...I'm tempted to clear the display of this powder. Yes ma'am.:)

~Review~ mark. Min-a-real Cream to Powder Foundation with Mineral Pigments....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To be honest....I had taken vow of "No Foundation" this summer because in the past years, I've beat my face to oblivion only to go outside and MELT.

So when mark. min-a-real  Cream to Powder Foundation with Mineral Pigments showed up at my doorstep, I didn't know if I wanted to try it. Its already in the 90s here in South Carolina! Here's some deets on Min-A-Real:

mark Min-A-Real ($18) – The oil-free, buildable coverage is formulated with mineral pigments and Lumiskin to give skin a bright, healthy looking glow and an enviably smooth, even skin tone.  Available in 7 shades starting in June.

I was actually sent six of the seven shades but only one was a close match that was Mocha. Mocha is also the darkest shade of the foundation series.

Before Min-A-Real in Mocha...

After Min-A-Real in Mocha

Min-A-Real in Mocha in the daylight, with flash....

This picture is clearly strange....why do i look so strong jawed?!? lol!


-Mocha is the darkest shade and my shade. In regular lighting, its a spot on match but with a camera flash it looks off.

-I thought the coverage was light to medium but not a build able heavy coverage. Concealer wearers would still need to wear concealer with this one.

-Because I'm oily, I only got the "cream to powder" effect  for a couple of hours. I would suggest setting this foundation with a loose or pressed powder like any other.

-$18 is reasonable in a price, considering other foundations but in mark.'s market ( young women, 20s) I would lower it to $12 or $15.

- The sponge that is included is super soft....what kind of sponge is that?!? lol!

-Convenient, great for lugging around in the purse or travel...

-I'll probably keep using it...maybe on cooler days or days I'm inside alot and definitely in the colder months.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Available June 2011....

I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are my personal and honest opinions