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Review: L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ah...another L.A. Colors palette via one the THREE Dollar General Stores in the county.

I saw this online first. I think it was on Cherry Culture or something. Five big bright colors. A little spotty on the application but overally cool to use and a GREAT price.

Check your stores that sell L.A. Colors before getting this online. I've seen it online for like $3.99. I got it for a $1.00.

I used the blue, green and the orange.:) I think I'll tuck it away for the spring/summer.


$1 Knockoff MAC Clear Gloss...MAK Clear Gloss..

I thought this was funny yet intriguing when I picked it up at one of my favorite stores, Almost Pink in my hometown....

MAK Clear Gloss Peach. LOL!

NOW...the texture is the same as MAC's. I actually own the real thing and went home to compare.

***Remember when the selling point of the clear gloss was dab a bit in the middle of lips for extra pout and juicier lips??? I fell for it several times.***

It also smells better than real thing:) ...I digress.


Review: Wet N' Wild Santa Baby Cosmetic Kit in Naughty....

Hi All!!!

I purchased the WnW Santa Baby Cosmetic Kit in Naughty from CVS for 6.99. I had a $4.00 Extra Bucks coupon too, so used that. I'm shock not to hear alot about this all over the beauty blogs and message boards like MUA. In 2006 or 2007, when WnW Holiday Kits came out, folks was running amuck trying to find them!!

I got Naughty instead of the Nice Palette. Naughty's colors fit my complexion better:).
The kit has four trio of e/s', a bronzer, a blush, lipgloss, and mascara. The blush and bronzer are beautiful. The lip gloss is a bronzy pink nude. I didn't try the mascara. I don't much luck with WnW mascaras.
This the top right trio....
This is the top left trio....

And this is the bottom right trio....

The e/s colors are super pigmented til I got to the bottom right trio:( However it came out pretty and subtle. Great for a little color during a work day look.....

Consensus: Worth it!!! 6.99 for all those colors plus a pretty blush and bronzer and a sexy gloss!