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Monday, July 23, 2007

I've noticed lately that the fashion magazines are catching on the fashion/beauty blogging community's effect on things. Even the fashion/beauty message boards are rumored to be "watched" by industry peeps to see what's hot and what's being talked about. This weekend I picked up the new Elle, you know one of my favorite fashionistas was on the cover, SJP herself. In the article on her, the writer talks about how when leaked photos of the Bitten line got out how the bloggers reacted, including a quote from one blogger( I know I read that quote somewhere)...Here's the paragraph...

..."When simply shot photos of Bitten's gray hoodies and khaki cargo pants were leaked to blogs last March(well ahead of their in-store debut in June), the actress's fans were very surprised to learn that the woman who helped make household names of Christian Louboutin, Oscar De La Renta, and Narciso Rodriguez was turning out day-to day gear built to fit women of any size or budget. "Maybe it's just me." wrote one typical blogger,"but I hoping for more colorful,Carrie Bradshaw-style pieces. You could find any one of those items at Target or Wal-Mart.Isn't celebrity line supposed to stand out?" Elle Magazine, August 2007

What we do...Fashion and Beauty bloggers, is give the public an intimate opinion from real people obsessed with fashion and beauty. And some of us bloggers are industry folk or fashion and beauty professionals, which is even better. But we run our blog like out lives depended on it. Out of pure passion for fashion and lipgloss! I love reading "quotes" for the blogging community in fashion publications. We have our well manicured fingers on the pulse of all things fabulous!



Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Another week ,Another day...

The Bam Bamms are in Charlotte for their "court ordered" summer vacation for a week. So, I spent to this weekend chillin, working, basically doing nada. Tried this AMAZING zuchinni pizza from a one of my Rachael Ray cookbooks. Let me know if you want to recipe:)... Here we go....

*So Saturday Morning I took a class at the SPBG library and arrived at 9 am before the doors opened. It was like 30 people waiting. I thought..."The SP library hot like this?" But, no, these people were waiting to check out the new Harry Potter book. One chica told me she was to cheap to buy it then asked where I got my handbag...I told her mark. by avon catalog.

*Why do women go to Wal Mart with headscarfs and house shoes on and then look at you like you should be wearing those Aldo espadrilles with matching bag up in there?

*Will Revlon stop adding new "limited edtion" things to their already wack "limtied edition" collection. Lash Jewels? Gold eyeshadow in roller ball applicator?

*I bet there is not one Devi Kroell for Target bag left at SPBG Target. It sucks to be on a budget.

*Someone please call Charter and tell them that I'm not going crazy...The picture on all of my HBOs is tiling and fuzzy. They know they just as bad as Comporium.

*City of Union, stop charging me $15.00 for a trash pickup when you half-assed pick up the trash.

*I just want a IPhone so I can watch You Tube videos...

*PurseBuzz YouTube videos are my fav!

*That doggone Big Lots...A budget foodie's dream! They have a wine fridge and pod coffee/tea maker in there for 29.99 and 12.00. I picked up my favorite Kashi TLC Crunch bars, some Revlon SL l/gs, and some Chipotle Mustard.

*I got the hookup while getting my sons' haircut at the barber shop Friday...The new Kelly Rowland, Bobby Valentino, Maysa, and Streetwise CDs

*If you got TV One, watch Stage Black...Its quite interesting.

*I can't wait til my Aunties get here in August!

*I got some samples of the new Imari Seduction featuring Jennifer Hudson...I love it.:) Speaking of perfume...I scoped out two "dupes" of With Love by Hillary Duff and CK Euphoria. Scary enough, they smelled really close like the real thing.

*I'm ready already for my kids to get home...:(

*My new favorite flower: lilies!!! The Fresh Market for 3 for $10.

Have a spendid week!

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