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Review: Black Radiance Starry Eyes Shadow Stick in Jet Black...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I only own one MAC Shadestick( in Fresh Cement via CCO), so when I saw Black Radiance Starry Eye Shadow Sticks, I snatched up Jet Black and Natural Brown.

No need to do a "Pros and Cons" on this one...I LOVE THEM!!!!!

I did a base for the recent Santee Cosmectics Palette with Jet Black. They go on smooth,pigmented, no splotches...real quality. You would think that it was a MAC Shadestick, no joke(and this coming from a person who only owns one lol!) I just wish they had more than five colors in the Starry Eye Shadow Sticks....You can't beat the 3.99 price either.


RG Project: Santee Signature Eyeshadow Compact...

I got this Santee Palette from Almost Pink in Union SC...$3...I also have another like this with different shades...
I'm practicing a "smokey" eye look for something... *wink!'* And I need to practice it anyway. I've had three people ask me to either do one on them or show them how...

I used the Pink,Dark Grey and Pearl White colors in the palette to create the look. I also used Black Radiance Starry Eyes Shadow Stick in Black as a base( review next...:)) to really pop the Dark Grey.

*Lippie of The Shopping My Stash OF The Day*(I'm going finally find the phrase that fits!)
Avon By Cynthia Rowley lip gloss in Very Violet..

An Exclusive Re-Launch!!! The Style Master!!!

My Fellow Winthrop Alumni and favorite male fashion guru, Styles, has relaunched his website, Swagger Style, an informative, fly, and up and coming fashion blog from a male point of view. I absolutely love it!! I asked Styles to give Rural Glamour his top 5 things every man and woman should have:

In a world that is obsessed with fashion and beauty, those things that are unique to men’s fashion and style are often lost in the abyss that is women’s fashion and beauty. It is difficult to understand just what makes a man fashionable. There are several things that are key and if I were to begin listing them, I would never end. But like everything in life, there is a foundation, a group of must-haves for every man. When asked to limit those must-haves to just five, I found the feat immediately impossible, and that is what intrigued me.

As a stylist, I am often challenged with creating personal/unique looks for my clients. While the looks/style are unique to each of my clients, each of them includes some basic items. Those items are what I call ‘staple pieces’ and are the fundamentals to building a well organized closet.

1)The Basic Black Suit:
Just as I would include a ‘simple black dress’ for a woman. I always include a well-tailored, non-trendy, basic black suit. I lean toward 3 piece suits, as in a worse case scenario a 3 piece suit mixed with a pair of khakis or denims can give a man 5 different outfits for a week. A black suit is never overdress or undress. The shirt and tie determines the tone of your suit. To get multiple looks out of the three piece suit you can wear all three pieces at once, for a timeless professional or formal look. Drop the coat and wear the vest and trousers for dressy or professional look. Drop the vest and wear the trousers and shirt for a casual look. Pick up the sport jacket and a crewneck shirt for yet another casual look. Exchange the trousers for a pair of blue jeans or khakis and use the jacket as a blazer. Exchange the blazer for the vest and have a nice leisure look. As you can see, the 3 piece black suit is definitely a versatile addition to every wardrobe.

2)A White Shirt: Men and women both need a white shirt in their wardrobe. It goes with virtually anything, and like the black suit can be dressed up or down for the occasion. You can match your white shirt with jeans and be ready for a night at the club, or you can match it with a dark suit and be ready for a corporate meeting or interview.

3)A pair of brown shoes and a pair of black shoes: Every man must have a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes. Everything that a man, or woman for that matter, wears will go with one of these two pairs of shoes.

4)A basic pair of sneakers: Everyday you are not going to want to wear shoes. Therefore having a basic pair of sneakers is a great alternative. As long as you steer away from the colorful trendy sneaks, your basic sneaker can virtually go with anything you wear.

5)A solid colored all weather coat with a lining: If it is raining, snowing, windy or you just need to spice up your outfit, your all weather coat is going to provide you with the protection that you need.

Again, there are several things that go into building a well constructed wardrobe, but these are some of the basics. Until we speak again, keep it stylish and remember to always make a statement, by mastering your style!