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NOTD: Essie Chinchilly

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's NOTD is Essie Chinchilly from the Essie 2009 Fall Collection( Cuddle Me Soft?). I exchanged Essie Midnight Cami for Chinchilly. I have two colors that look like Midnight Cami, so back it went. Then, I got Chinchilly and went home thinking, "I think I got a grey nail color like this" but I was wrong and right. I have a grey color ( Milani Day Dreaming) but its sky grey, really light cloudy grey. Chinchilly is more wet cement grey. It looks like cement when its wet...
Three coats. The first coatwill have you thinking its too sheer, but after coat two, all is well... I like it, reminds me of concrete, cement, skyscrapers...

Shopping My Stash: Stila Loose Eye Shadow *4

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun facts on Twitter and Stila and Me:

-This Stila Loose "powder" has no name...just "*4".

-Stila Cosmetics is on Twitter.

-I send a message "Is Stila on Twitter?".

-My Twit-homie HiddenGem says "Yes ma'am! @stilacosmetics" Thanks HiddenGem !

-I find out I'm already following them.:(


-Then I go to 'DM' them and they are not 'following me', of course...

-And my updates are " locked.:( :)
Played with *4 today and a little silver and black shadow..... Very "cut the crease" looking, even though that wasn't what I was going for....


PS- I'm on ...I got things on lock down so....

N.O.T.D Zoya Posh Matte...

Oh what a Monday!!!! ***sigh***

Anyway, I'm wearing Zoya Posh, one of the matte polishes from their first matte collection.

It reminds of a lipstick, matte in texture with a satiny "underfinish" ( not a word...yes? no?). It was okay to me. Maybe it was color I wasn't hot on because I love my other two Zoya Mattes, Dovima and Loredana.


Revisted: Carol's Daughter Candy Paint in Hot Mocha...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally!! I got to use my Carol's Daughter Candy Paint in Hot Mocha....

Its pretty,goopy,chocolate-y,smelly, stinky,beautiful all in one...

**Note to Lisa Price: You can make a natural, organic lipgloss that doesn't smell like old olive oil. Holla if you need me, Love Jamie.***
Did a copper/brown eye to match the gloss and cardigan. but then it got hot and I had to take the cardi off. Really, Fall in the South is actually a couple of weeks of extended summer. Sweating resumes. Yuck.
I'm getting really good at this smoldering eye look...Yes, I'm "sweating" myself. **Dedicated to 'old' MuXi***


N.O.T.D OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

These pictures....*sigh*...just do NO Justice...

Today for my 32nd birthday( Thank You Lord!) I'm rocking OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow...Its a deep black green. You can see the green peeking underneath the black in the sunlight. I took these pictures inside around 10pm....
It's actually kinda streaky in consistency. This is 3 coats, so beware!....

Revisted: Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Drama Eyes....

I revisited Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Drama Eyes....Remember my 1st take on it? I didn't do well on the look, so its try, try again...

I like this look alot better...This palette's colors are so pigmented that a more light, sultry look needed to be done with it. I skipped the light white color this time. It's wayyyyy to harsh for my skin tone. Still in love with that raspberry color....gorgeous for the fall season. You will see it more on me!
I did the "do one eye, then the other" trick. I works better for an even look but takes LONGER.
Ahhhhh....My roller set came out perfect this morning. I've been sleeping in rollers....Don't ask.

Well, I'll tell you dryer is broken, plus I hate sitting under it anyway.
Plum Lips!!!! So, glad this trend BACK!! I wore Plum/Dark/Dark Brown lips back in the 90s something serious...

I used Jordana liner in Plum, L'Oreal Star Secrets Lipstick in Noemie's Plum, and Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Perfectly Plum...


RG Project: NK HD Eye Shadow #3037 and #3039

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm still playing around with those six NK HD eye shadows til' I get some more.:)! On Sunday, I used #3037( matte black/dupe of MAC Carbon) and #3039 ( a satin/matte-ish hot pink-purple/dupe of MAC Pro Bright Fuchsia Pigment)....
I've own MAC Carbon in the past...and #3037 is a dead on dupe...

I used MAC Yogurt to blend and highlight...still worked on my blending technique and getting two "even" looking eyes...when I do them at the same time, they don't come out even....but if I do one eye, then do the other, it looks more even. You can tell I tried to do them at the same time in these pictures! lol!


N.O.T.D. OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries....

Happy Monday!!

I've been wearing OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries since yesterday. It's a creamy dark pink with a lavender undertone. It's just sooo freaking pretty! OPI knocked this Espana Collection out the water.

Have ya'll seen the OPI Holiday Collection 2009 swatches!!...Heaven have mercy!!!

My nails are quite long these days...I started taking biotin again TWO weeks ago. And BAM!! My nails got long!


N.O.T.D. O.P.I. Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Its a rainy, gray day here in the least my part of SC. So thought that a dark grey nail color would be appropriate! I'm wearing Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees from Fall 2009 O.P.I Collection Espana. This is THREE Coats. Its very thin in consistency, so it took three coats to get that dark color you see in the bottle.

I don't like three coats-nail polish O.P.I.!

It reminds me of Baby Its Coal Outside without the sparkle. Its like a blue black grey...


RG Project: NK HD Eye Shadow #3034

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remember I bought this with the last set of NK HD shadows?....

I decided to play with it today. I have such problems with putting e/s colors together. But I think I nailed it today!!:)
BIG SHOUT OUT to HeavenLei!! She posted in comments on the one NK HD posts all the NK HD e/s' she owned and the coordinating MAC dupes to some. This a dupe to MAC Haunting. It's like fire shut in my bones! I love it so much!
I used the purple and yellow of NYX Team Spirit....
#3034 is in the outer corner and in the crease a bit.... super pigmented, no fall- out, true to color, $1.49.
I need hit my upper lip with some wax soon...such hairy woman(TMI). Lawd. But check out that


Rural Glamour Official Birthday Wishlist....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My birthday is in 7 days(September 23). I'm not excited or nothing. I'll be 32. Just happy if the Good Lord spared me another year because this year has been something else!

I began to think about my best birthdays I ever had last week and really couldn't narrow it down. When I was young( like from what I can remember... age 5-17) my birthday was awesome. I was showered with love,attention, presents, parties...

When was 18-22 and in college on my birthday, my sorors, friends, and family made it the best day!! I got care packages,cards,flowers, mini parties in dorms rooms, My birthday always fell on Fall Midterms so I was in study mode.

23-31 has been alot different...I started have crazy birthdays like spending them alone- my man is not talking to me-I got two preemie babies in the NIC Unit- I'm broke birthdays. They've been forgettable to say the least...

I don't expect anything kinda don't anything. I've had some bad gifts:

-Scratched off lotto tickets
-Clothes that are too big
-Gift Certificates that are like $10 or less
-Grocery Store Gift Cards

The best gifts:
-a car when I was 16
-A Coach signature bag( 2001 when they were the hottest on the block)
-an electric toothbrush
-Cake. I love a cake! Store bought.
-Makeup or Sephora gift cards
-Sex :) Good Sex:)

So this year, there are few things I want:

-a bottle of Seche Vite( I'm on my last drain)

-Scented Candles

-a hooded dryer

-Schick Quattro Trim Style Razor

-Redken Butter Treat

-New Eye Glass Frames

-Kissable Couture Lady Luck lipgloss

-Whitney Houston,Philly Slick, Letoya Luckett albums ( an iTunes gift a card will work)

-DKNY Be Delicious Night

-Clairsonic Facial Brush

-a new Fall Handbag

-A Sephora Gift Card

-Gap Close Perfume

-Jane Carter Wrap &Roll and Nourish & Shine

-All of the Maybelline Smokes Quads

-Ulta Gift Card

-a Gas Card:)

-SEX...Birthday Sex lol!


My New Fall Scent!!! Kiehls Musk+Kiehls Vanilla...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Every season, I like to start off with a new scent...But in the last three years, I haven't financially been able to do so. I just recycle what I have, sometimes buying the lotion instead of the scent because its cheaper or waiting impatiently for a $29.99 box set at Marshalls to go down to $9.99. lol!

I stumbled across an article in O magazine about Kiehls Musk and Kiehls Vanilla being mixed together as a "Love Potion". I wondered what it smelled like since OWNED both scents.


Its a gorgeous, sexy, warm, light scent that has the smells of clean and pure but naughty all at the same time. I think its the dry down that makes the combo work. You have to be patient so that the musk and vanilla bind together. And talk about an all day long lasting trick to keeping it on. Its there til you bathe.

I've been wearing everyday since. I think I've found my "signature' scent believe it or not. I've never ever had one...but the "love potion" is it.:)


CCO Hustle and Swap: MAC Royal Assests Cool 6...


I owned a MAC MSF in Gold Spill that I had gotten from the CCO in February and it sucked on me. No matter what I did, it looked like splotches of gold dust and glitter on my face.

Fast Forward to 9/11/09...I'm digging thru the makeup "crates" and I find a Ziploc baggy with receipts in it. It has the original receipt of the purchase of Gold Spill too.:)

So Sunday, I went to the CCO and got a $29.75 store credit for the MSF Gold Spill and a MAC Lip Balm I never opened.

I picked up Royal Assets Cool 6 from Holiday 2007( $25.25) with Queen’s Jewel (shimmery, deep purple) and Trophy Pink (bright medium pink). Shadowy Lady (deep brown), Silverwear (silver with pink undertones), Modern Heir (light purple, kind of like Stars ‘n Rockets), and Medallion (courtesy of temptalia)

I don't own any of these colors so I was a steal of the deal and I was soooo happy!
I'm wearing Queen's Jewel and Shadowy Lady....

Quick pic on what I do to my roller set when it gets old...faux hawk...:)


Shopping My Stash:Three Days of Too Faced Quickie Chronicles....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

This weekend I dug up my Too Faced Quickie Chronicles in Party Girl Pink,The Futuristic Foils and Luscious Lavender. Seems as though, I only have 3 QCs...could've swore I had more...

Friday: The Party Girl
Sorry for the rough looking palettes....they have been rolling around in my eye shadow drawer for a minute...
This palette has the best glosses and blush...
Saturday: The Futuristic Foils...
featuring WnW Idols Eyes in Distress

Hot for a Smokey blue eye and going out..but i was just going to Bi-Lo.... ha!
Wore another pair of Revlon Runway Collection Nails....these were WAY more authentic. My mother thought I had blew $50 and got my nails done...
Sunday: Luscious Lavender
I think I went wrong with the lime green on the brow bone...:( I know I went!


One Year Later...A Hair Journey...

Friday, September 11, 2009

I started my relaxed hair journey to longer locks,September 11,2008, one year ago today. I relaxed my hair that June before, after two years of being natural...My hair looked good but it was in bad shape....
Six months later after hair loss, changes in my regimen a zillion times to combat the loss and massive grew back a bit in the crown and sides but I was still battling crazy, crazy breakage and I could not for my life pin point the problem. I took supplements, nixed all direct heat, bunning and got hard core with my regimen...
Recently, I looked at the calender and saw that I was 10 weeks post relaxer...Same length and same problems. So I made a hard decision...

I'm done with the relaxer fight...

As of today I'm 12 weeks post relaxer and transitioning back to my natural hair. I'm done with trying to retain length and have a relaxer. My hair has literally fought against it. And for good reason, it hates relaxers, point blank...

I'm going to transition as much as possible so I wont have a TWA ( Tiny Weeny Afro) and at least have natural hair at the length you see at the picture above... I give my hair til January 1,2010 then I cutting all relaxer out and rock a fro.

This Big Cut or BC thang aint new to me, so there is no emotional ties to my hair and blah blah blah. I just want to transition out enough length so I have enough 'fro to play with.