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Review:Biore’ Skin Preservation Dual Fusion Moisturizer +spf 30....

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I’ve been wearing a facial moisturizer since 1995, the year I started college and moved to Rock Hill SC, the SC capital of hard water. It was essential to ‘lotion”down or be an Ashy Larry. Since then the quest of the perfect moisturizer has ranged from ‘never going to find it’ to ‘almost there’ to ‘Holy Grail'. Holy Grail of Facial Moisturizers? It is here and it is at Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, and Rite Aid… any store that you can get your prescription filled and buy Funyuns at the same time.
Biore Skin Preservation Dual Fusion is a mix of cloud light moisturizer and SPF 30 sunscreen. It comes out in a green and white combo. All you need is one pump for the entire face.I love it for a daily moisturizer and have sometime put on at night by mistake just so I feel it on my face. I also adore the fact that the Skin Preservation line is for women in between acne years and wrinkle years. I still have a bit of monthly acne but no wrinkles.Its the drugstore moisturizer perfection I’ve have been waiting for. I approve it!!

Review: Dove Clinical Protection in Original Scent...

The battle of the summer time sweat is on and I’m here to take charge on the battle lines!! I thought it was time to step it up on the sweat patrol and get prescription strength antiperspirant . I bought Dove Clinical Protection and so far I like it. This deodorant has directions, too! You must put on at night and then in the morning? Sometimes you can skip the morning application it says…. Take it from me…DO NOT SKIP. It will not hold you down. Plus, I still was sweating heavily regardless of the application. But the positive things that keeps me putting it on day after day (and I paid 7.88 for it, and going to use it up) is that is masks odor like a pro and I’m irritated applying it after shaving. I think I’ll skip buying it again. Anyone used ‘prescription strength’ antiperspirant?

Review:Kiehls Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser....

If you read my F&S Blog you will see how your girl “obtained” this lovely treasure. The SA who ‘gave’ it too me said that she too is oily but likes this cleanser because her face doesn’t feel stripped. Well, that is true indeed. Kiehls Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser has an almost non-existent foaming action so it’s not soapy. But for the first two weeks I felt a tight film on my face that I thought was the cleanser. Come to find out, I needed to exfoliateJ, and since then no-tightness. It looks like Philosophy Purity Made Simple when it comes out but it’s a bit thicker in texture and you need just a dime size. Hey, if I could break off the cash for this I would definitely buy it…meanwhile, I will use it till’ I scrap the bottom of the bottle.