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Shopping My Stash:Black Radiance Eye Shadow Quartet in Retro Chic...

Monday, January 12, 2009

It looks dusty, doesn't it? Like it's been at the bottom of the drawer. lol!!!
Hi Loves!! Hope everyone had a great weekend.I did nada but hangout with the midgets, watch the midgets, feed the midgets, watch tv with the midgets, it was all about Boo and Nu.:) I discovered the long lost quad, Black Radiance Retro Chic, in the e/s drawer last week. I've used the the dark blue color a couple of times.It's not as pigmented as it looks but it gives a pretty color.

This the WHOLE quad on my eyes. I think blended too much. I always contemplate that black eyeliner thing look on the top lid but I don't look right with fully lined eye....

Check out the hat...Bought it at Dillards( when I worked there) in 2002.:)