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F.O.T.D the day and Buried Treasures III

Monday, July 31, 2006

Face of the Day!! No picture sorry!

Face: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Maybelline Pure Makeup in Caramel
Wet N Wild Bronzzer in Medium Dark

Eyes: Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow in Mocha Brownie
N.Y.C. Eye 2 Eye in Artic Green
L'Oreal lineur Intense in LE Copperbrown Cougar
Bourjois Lengthing and Curving Mascara

Cheeks: L'Oreal Blush Delice in LE Front-Page Peach

Lips: MAC l/l in Cork
L'Oreal HIP l/g in Pixie

Scent: Chloe Narcisse

Buried Treasure of the Day ( above): HIP l/g in Pixie! This is such a pretty,pretty gold tone pink that is so fabulous that I don't understand why it has been in my lip gloss bottomless pit and I haven't used it. Buy it girly girls!!

love ya,


Miss Letoya...

Friday, July 28, 2006

source: Young,Black, and Fabulous

I got that new Letoya and I mus say it is so good!I can hear her now in background in past DC albums by listening to her album. I think its a put in your car, ride out kind of record. My favs are Hey Fella,Gangsta Grills, and You Got What I Need. And of course Torn. Plus her little cute,all around, sexy luxe style just made me a bigger fan. Please go get this!!!

ps...she need to take off some the bracelets in the photo:) just fashion policing!


Robbing Edkerd

Every Thursday,My children and I head to Spartanburg for my youngest twin Kelton speech therapy. Although he is very intelligent he barely talks. But I try to make it a fun trip by going out to lunch afterward and of course going shopping. Both them love riding in a shopping cart! Yesterday, There was no session but we went anyway to have lunch with "Grandma". I stopped by the Pine Street Edkerd hoping to get the HIP haul that I said I was getting but they didn't have it But they had a new Loreal color story called Scarlett, A 21 piece collection based around her glamour. I picked up these new Colour Juices called Box Office Lips, that are in dispensers like Stila Lip Glaze with soft brush tip. I got Rose Seduction,a mauve-y grey pink, and Film Noir Rouge, which exactly what it is a rouge color and might can double as a glossy cheek color. Both CJs are highly pigmented to be CJs. I like them both. I also picked up from the collection, Touch On Color in Go-Go Gold. I love when L'Oreal does these Touch On Colors but it seems they only do them for Limited Edition. I have one from the Color Remixed story they did early this spring. The website for the Scarlett collection is www.lorealparis/scarlett.

Edkerd also had the Maybelline's Urban Orchid collection that I love. Now I thought I had all of the Dream Mousse e/s from this one, but this Edkerd had Turquoise Breeze and Plum Paradise which I grabbed plus I had on top of all of this $12.00 in Loreal and Maybelline coupons( It pays to pick coupons up off the displays and save them). So I got all of this for $27.91! Yay!

Sorry for the wack photo.I so need a new digital cam.


From Funk to Fabulous

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I went back to Linda's Avon in town to exchange that horrible mark.Luxe Fever fragrance and matching bath gel and lotion. I got Avon's Exotic Beaches. It smells just like Victoria's Secret's Breathless which love and I got Exotic Beaches Sun Singles e/s in Mocha Blast and Copper Fun. I think I got a good exchange from that funk I had before!!


Spy on me!

I'm a Fendi Spy Bag fool! I have loved that damn bag since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker carrying it. And Beyonce makes it worst because she got about 20 of them. Well, of course I can't afford a 1500 bag but I can do $30 one. :) I have this one in a deep bronze that purchase from Almost Pink for $30 and I'm thinking of getting this white ostrich one. knock offs of course
Available at this cute to death website, .

Above also, "paddington bag" and "claire satchel"


"Mini"Review: Sephora Super Sheen Bronzing Mist

A few weeks ago,I purchased Sephora Super Sheen Bronzing Mist hoping to score something similiar to the Nars Body Glow that "right now" can't afford. Well after using it twice,I have a mini review of it. It's a 4 fl oz pump spray bottle but my pump spray doesn't work, so I had to open it and put it in my hand to apply. Now its not a dry oil, where you put it on when you are wet. I tried that and none of shimmer stuck to my skin. Dry off first then apply. The fragrance of the Mist smells exactly like JLO Miami Glow, exactly! So to me that one of the perks. The scent sticks and the oil is smooth and light but not as moisterizing. You think so since it boasts four different kinds of oils. You have to let it dry or it will get on your clothes. The biggest down fall is the bronze sparkle. It looks ashy on your skin after you have worn it for awhile. Hope this helps!


Miss Rih-Rih...

source: Juicy-News
Even though I'm not a fan of Rihanna's music(Okay S.O.S is hot throwback jam) She looks so pretty in this pic. Her makeup is really sweet and she tops the whole thing with the ghetto bamboo earrings! I got some of those from the Asian Hair Supply spot in town for a $1.00. Any suggestion on how recreate her makeup?


How Delicious!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Let get off to a "interesting" start...
You can borrow this 85th anniversary Gucci at Bag,Borrow and Steal for only 80.00 a week and 235.00 a month. Ummmm....anyway.

Well,I'm totally addicted to my Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Color and Set Duo in Mocha Brownie. I love a strong brow after years of my thin brow syndrome caused by bad waxing and overpluking. It fills in my brows in fabulously and it must be waterproof because it took three cotton balls full of Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover to get it off.

In Beauty News,It was mentioned in the August Edition of Instyle that Loreal will be releaseing a line of their Colour Riche lipsticks called Star Confessions. Each tube will have of the autograph of some of their celebrity spokespersons such as Eva Longoria,Andie McDowell,and Aishwarya Rai, complete with a customized color. They didn't mention Kerry Washington or Beyonce but I hope they have one too.

I'm planning weekly beauty haul of Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisterizer and Cover Girl Tru Blend Whipped Foundation(which was mentioned on Miss Universe last night as matching 97% of complexions). We shall see!

well, off to read my fresh new Allure and W magazine!!


Buy Two,Get the weekend 1/2 Off

Sunday, July 23, 2006

This weekend was kinda rough because I miss my baby boys( they were at their dad's house). So I honor of them of wore Child Dupe from Ava Luxe. It smells exactly like the real one but cost is less and AA is an amazing company. I wore another smokey eye with NYC new Mod Quad in Bell Bottom Blue(black cream liner,light blue,copper,and navy e/s') that I picked up at Target. I also scored a Maybelline Shinylicious in Coconut Cream and CG Smoothwear Liptints in Passion Flower for 1.24 a piece!. I also used Saturday Loreal's HIP Illuminating Highlighter which has been one of my favorite products this summer.I used the darker bronzer side on the apples of cheeks and the lighter golden side on the higher part of my cheekbone. Puleeze ladies buy it! I get no comission on this!And in J's Buried Treasure fashion,I found Tutti Dolce Cinnamon Frosting l/g to coat the kisser.

Friday night(I know I'm going backward...) I treated my lonely heart and hungry tummy to The Italian Pie in Spartanburg. I had a Chicken Parmesan with angel hair pasta in marinara sauce. It was good and since SPBG doesnt have an Olive Garden this my new "dupe" of it. I dropped into( of course) B&N and picked up Last Night A DJ Saved My Life by Lyah Beth LeFlore. It's pretty good so far. I also got the Britney "fat pregnant butt" Bazaar( I can call her that because I've been a "fat and pregnant butt") and two sale books, The Night Before Thirty by Tajuana"TJ"Butler and The Booster by Jennifer Solow.

I have to admit that kinda of obessed with the L'Oreal HIP products.It's like the broke country girls MAC. I recently purchased the new Ultimate Blue Black mascara,which is so great. Today I went to Hillcrest side of SPBG Walgreens to look at the LE HIP stuff.They have two new l/gs in Jublilant and Energizing,two new e/s in Smoldering and Euphoric and a new Blush in Notorious.I must have them all.And I will because I found some Loreal Coupons that don't expire til January that help in this purchase. Yeah!! They also have a new line of loose pigments and pigment sticks. I wasn't too excited about them because I have lots of MAC piggies. Some the HIP piggies are similar( MAC girls, don't get mad at me..) to the MAC ones. For instance,HIP restless=MAC vanilla,HIP intrepid=MAC tan and HIP tenacious=MAC copper. I need marinate on these new piggies.

Well,I'm anticpating the arrival of the "Bubbie" and"Brownie". So Happy Sunday!

For Miss Chris....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Take either the earrings,necklace or headband off!

Dedicated to Christina Milian who is notoriously always over accessorized. Source: Juicy News

Ladies, please, before you walk out the door, Look at yourself in a full length mirror and decide if you have too many accessories on. Then take ONE thing off. You'll look better.

Love Always,


The Skin I'm In?

My younger twin, Kelton, has heat rash all over his body :( Although he and his brother get slathered in sunscreen/bug repellant cream each day, this heat rash was unavoidable other than keeping him out of the sun and he loves the outdoors. The doctor prescribed to him Benedryl(a mother's fav) and Calamine lotion.As I was bathing hm in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath,I thought about my daily skin care regimen. I started to question was what I doing was enough. Now I know that the heat rash will eventually go away and he won't die of it but I thought of daily prevention skincare. Did I need to step it up even though I'm still under 30? Let's see, My mornings consist of:

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple
mark.vita surge moisterizer with SPF 7
mark.I be good eye cream( When I remember)

I switch the moisterizers and cleansers around. None that I know of have sunscreen( okay! I know!)

Specialities:I alternate with a face scrub and masks.It depends on what my skin is" feeling" like is what I will used sometimes four times a week. I only scrub with Lumene Arctic Touch Exfoliating Cream once a week.My masks are mark.Healthy Shots in Carrot Hydrating and Cucumber Balancing,Lumene Arctic Touch Purifying Peat Facial Mask,Lumene Body Activa Honey Birch Face Mask, and Coryse Salome Firming Cream Mask( found at Marshall's)

Night:I used Purity and CVS Night Cream( a comparsion to Olay Regenerist Night Cream)

Lips: I scrub with Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoiliant

Problem Stuff: Acne Free Acne and Blackhead Terminator

Insides:Plenty of Water but no vitamins or supplements

Now, doesn't that sound like ENOUGH! Yet, I think not.



Face Forward

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Okay.It's not the clearest picture of my face but I thought I would do a "Face of the Day" as we call it over at the MUA.

Face- Maybelline Ever Fresh Foundation in Caramel and Wet N Wild Bronzer in Medium/Dark

Eyes- mark. e/s in Fairy Dust and Tiki
Cover Girl e/l in Espresso
Maybelline Shadow Effects in Bone fx
Bourjois Lengthening and Curving Mascara

Cheeks- mark. blush in ripe glo and Loreal LE Touch On Color in Golden Amplifier

Brows-Mally Brow Gel

Lips-Urban Decay XXXSlick in Carney

I also went to CVS to buy another piece of Revlon Star Style. Unfortunetly I got to buy it by one piece at time because its pricey.I'm waiting on BOGO 1/2 or free at CVS or Walgreens on the Revlon. Here's my haul:

Maybelline Shinylicious in the NEW Raiz'n Razzle( It's looks just like Estee Lauder's Ametheyst) and NEW Banana Pudding

HIP e/s in NEW Bright Shadow Duo in Flashy

Revlon Star Style Halle Berry e/s in Midnight Kohl

Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow in Chocolate Brow

HIP High Drama Volumizing Mascara in NEW Blue Black



Treasure Hunting Part II

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This morning I found myself in a smoky eye mood and here are some MORE random findings in my collection that ran across. Sometimes my own makeup collection is like shopping at a M/U counter because I have tons of stuff I 've never even used.

MAC Dark Soul Pigment...Ebay win that was still in the box that I applied with my new Sonia Kashuk sponge applicator brush... I also like her special edition brushes with her signature on them... Maybe I'll treat myself to one... I used Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow in Lilac Cloud from the crease to the brow bone and blended it in the with Dark Soul... After three coats of Bourjois Lengthing and Curving Mascara, I found ,still in the box, Smashbox I Prime Concelor in Smashing 7...I used it to brighten under my eyes...Blush- Loreal Blush Remix in Retro Rose... Lips -a mini sample of Stila Lip Glaze in Watermelon. All products I forgot that I had:).

I currently working on my ultimate fall fashion/beauty/home/lifestyle wishlist to post. Working it the list is like a mental shopping spree!



"Bey" informed...

Sunday, July 16, 2006


-Am I the only one that thinks that House of Dereon is little too much "Beyonce" and not enough about the fashion? It's hard look past her and see couture fashion.

- Random make-up collection finding: MAC lipglass in pop mode and MAC lip liner in Current. My throwback look from Fall 1997 when more lipliner, less lipgloss.

-My first mark. disapointment was today. Luxe Fever eau de toilette is a major stink!

-Panera Bread's Crispani is delicious. I had the 3 cheese one with one the best,crisp salads on the planet.

-Fresh Market's exclusive Brownie Pillow Cookies are amazing!

-Beyonce's video for DeJaVu is ridiculous! The fashion is fabulous but the non-story line video is a little weak.

-Revlon Star Style. awesome collections but pricey for the drugstore. I mean 10.58 for a lipgloss that they normally charge 5.99 for? I got ONE piece.



Mouth Stuffing and Makeup Application

Sunday, July 02, 2006


That GRE is behind me. I did my best and I felt confident.Or maybe it was that Venti Caramel Macchiato with a triple shot of espresso I had before I tested. I stayed up studying and talking to E-dub til about 3am and I had to be at the test at 7:00am. I got my verbal and quantitative back immediately and I'm waiting for analytical.

The night before we ate dinner at Rock Bottom in uptown Charlotte( they call it Uptown not downtown for some "classier" reason they say...) I had been there before and I had the best appetizer sampler for dinner. It was called a Savannah Sampler and it consisted of Barbeque Sliders(barbeque pork and slaw on mini buns) Asiago Crab and Shrimp Dip with crusty toasted bread and oh.... batter fried chicken strips.:) It was fabulous.

After taking the test we planned another resturant takeover at Red Rock Cafe'. We called this the hideout spot because if you don't live on that side of Charlotte you'll never know it's there cause it's back behind a Shopping Center.I had again an amazing entree',Will O'd's Quattro Formaggio(penne pasta in a four cheese blend sauce with chicken,bacon, roma tomatoes,mushrooms, and scallions) Oooooh, so amazing. After lunch we took off to Southpark Mall so that I can set up camp in Sephora. I saw all of fav salespeople including Val who used to help me at the Bobbi Brown counter in Belk Southpark. She asked if I would like "play" and I said"sure!" and I would like a really pretty pink gloss,not a raspberry-ish and no frosty looking ones. She sat me down and brought over Stila's Lip Glaze in Guava, Papaya and Watermelon. We played around and found that Guava was the number one pick.I absolutely love it! Val also turn me on to the Cargo Coco Palette. The colors are beautiful but most important that Cargo's eyeshadows are super smooth to put on and have a beautiful colors. This is my best buy in eyeshadow yet. I also pick up Sephora's Super Sheen Bronzing Mist.

I admit I miss Charlotte and Rock Hill but not enough to move back to Charlotte. Maybe Rock Hill. But I was glad to get home to see my bam bams and go to church. peace!