Rural Glamour's Golden Globe Recap Part II-Makeup!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Very Fresh. Needed to touch up her lips though...
I love this!!!She looks soooo glowy!!
You know how JLO do...
Look at all that bronze shimmer!!Did she bathe in it?Look like she bathed in Nars Body Glow and rolled in Becca Body Shimmer. The dress is enough!!
Some say her look was very "trannie" But I like it. She look like she had makeup "on" which I love.
Plum lips for me for a week peeps!!
She looked great. I wish I can do a cat-eye like that...

Rural Glamour's Golden Globes Fashion Picks Part I

Simply divine
Okay...I said all I'm going to say.I wish she can just sometimes tone it down
Has Bey ever done simple and classy before?

Why was Mary there?
Loved her makeup!
Jada's "Founder's Day" Dress!


Rural Glamour's Golden Globe Recap!

I watched the Golden Globes last night including the pre show on E! and the TV Guide Channel. Well,I missed the last 15 minutes of the Globes...I went the sleep on the couch! But here's know...ADHD beauty/fashion synopsis of what went down:

* Lots of Black,jewel tones, and white dresses. I thought perhaps NBC was planning a mass wedding we didn't know about.

*Chandra Wilson of Grey's Anatomy cleaned up well. She usually looks busted blaming it on motherhood. Note to Chandra... Being raggedy ain't always the kids fault.

*Puffy...excuse me,Sean Combs, looks like he had lost some weight in that blue brocade tuxedo jacket.

*Salma Hayek had her chi-chis out as usual!!! Go Ugly Betty!!

*Jada Pinkett Smith was wearing her Founder's Day Salmon Pink looking fabulous.

*Why did that Eddie Murphy/Tracey Edmonds duo catch me by surprise? I so knew they were together.

*Where was the neckwear? I mean who wore necklaces? I saw very very few.

*Vanessa Williams hair. I could have done that. I hope she didn't pay over $25 for that. But her dress was fire.

*I'm sorry...Cameron Diaz's Chanel number was totally ruined by her fire-ass red lips. I more subtle face would have did the trick for such a wonderful dress.

* Okay Miss Reece Witherspoon, you are single and fab in yellow. Didn't like the hair though.

*Makeup- was pretty typical to me, smokey eyes,nude lips, red lips, shimmery skin. JHud did a plum lip that out of ordinary.

*Speaking of my beautiful,first award of the night, Jennifer Hudson...I loved the dress, Vera Wang satin, umpire, navy, very flattering. Needed something though. Maybe she saving it for the Oscars:) I more in love with her each day!

*You knew it was coming...Beyonce. I sort of felt sorry that she didn't win her singular awards. Even though I know she wasn't going to win Best Actress over no Meryl Streep. Of course she had on her best gold lame,beaded, sequined, with a keyhole at the navel(?) drag and her longest Yaky hair. Her jewelry was great though. Even though she didn't win , you know her parents are going ride the hell out the "Golden Globe Nominee/Winner" title.

Favorite looks and Fashion No's are coming up...

Be sure to watch Fashion Police at 8pm on E! tonight!