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~Fresh Coat~ Revlon Colorstay Polish in Bare Bones #300

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey Everybody!!

I wore Revlon Colorstay Polish in Bare Bones over the weekend. This is two coats and I could have gotten away with just one. The opaqueness is just everything! First two days, no chips,the polish looked great. However, Sunday rolled around and the chipping started rolling in. By the time I washed my hair today, I was seeing polish in my hair, big chunks of chipped polish. I don't know what the time frame suppose to be on these, but Colorstay, Colorchips in four days. Womp:(

I thought Bare Bones reminded me of a lighter Essie Case Study. I like a taupe-y nude shade. I'll probably try this on my toes too, since I do like a neutral color break from all the colors I wear in the summer.

Colorstay had some other interesting colors. Do you own any? What colors should I pick up? Let me know!!!