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Fashion/Beauty Soundtrack of the Week!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have two soundtracks that have made me feel so beautiful and incredible this week:
Bobby Valentino's Special Occasion and Streetwize's Sexy Love.

Bobby V is my new baby daddy. Thank God...The one I have needs replacing. I love Bobby Valentine because...he is a pretty boy, I have such a weakness for pretty boys but he also have a sexy voice every since the days of Mista and Blackberry Molasses. My Favorite Songs are Anonymous, Special Occasion and one called Rear View. OMG...RearView is the story of my life right now!! He's so sexy, he makes me feel sexy...We must get married and go shopping at the Lenox and Southpark Malls:).

I'm picky about the jazz music I listen to. There is a radio station out of Charlotte that plays jazz on Sundays, that "elevator" jazz, as my good chica Erica AKA "E-Dub" and I would call it. Every couple songs, they'll throw in some Maysa and these songs that are R&B and Rap songs on pop/hiphop stations but with a jazz spin on them. It wasn't til recently, my other good chica "T-Hall" told me they are from a group called Streetwize. I scope this "Sexy Love" CD up from the cutie hustle man that came in the barber shop while I was getting the kids' hair cut. It's got remakes on Ciara's Promise to Robin Thicke's Lost Without You. Loving it!


Can U believe this: Goodbye to Vibe Vixen....

First it was Vibe Vixen... Now what are young women of color going read besides Essence? I remember when I was 21...I didn't read Essence( nothing against Essence, I like it now...that I'm 29). I was over checking out The Fashion Bomb and saw this announcement... check out the article and announcement:

Vibe Vixen to Fold

Lucia Moses

JULY 23, 2007 -

Less than two weeks after being named CEO of Vibe Media Group, Steve Aaron announced Vibe would fold Vibe Vixen, the female counterpart to urban music and lifestyle magazine Vibe.

Vixen will cease as a regularly published title with the August/September issue and starting in the fourth quarter, the company will begin publishing Vixen as special issues focusing on urban culture themes. The company hasn’t determined the frequency for the specials, a company rep said. Vixen also will continue to maintain a Web site.

In a press release, Aaron said there would be “some” layoffs. The rep would not make executives available for further comment.

Vixen launched in February 2005 as a twice-a-year title with a circ of 425,000 (unaudited) and upped the frequency to six times this year. Pages for the first half of 2007 totaled 147, per Publishers Information Bureau.

Wowwwww( As Flava-Flav would say) I guess I'll go down to the Galaxy and grab that last copy...:(