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Shopping My Stash: My Perfect Summer Pink Lip Look!!....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I figured out my perfect summer pink lippie...right out of my own collection!!

Here's the look above...and here's how I got it....

1)- I used my Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain in 410. It has a name but I dont know it. I applied all over my lips.

2) I topped the stain with Milani Lip Mixer in Fuse....
There you have it!


Review: Schick Quattro for Women Trim Style....

I had been checking out the Schtick Quattro for Women Trim Style forever...But I wasn't breaking $10+ off for it. I happened to get it from my very favorite salvage store for $5, new in the box. How kismet!!

-The shaver end is AMAZING. Its the smoothest, most comfortable shave I've ever had in my life. No joke. OMG....its the best

-the electric razor gives a close trim, which I was satisfied with.

-Its extra NOISY. The noise and vibration from the razor is too much for such a small contraption. Makes me think its going to blow or something.

-The shower holder for the razor is too light of plastic to hold it up on the wall. My mine kept falling off the shower tile.


I like it alot. I'm not excited about buying the refills for the razor though. Seems they run bit out of my price range. It worked well overall. I'll dig around for some coupons for those refills.:)


Review:Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector....Twelve Week Update/Review...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here we go!!! My last update and review of Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector...Let's check the results...

Week One
Week Four
Week Eight

Week Twelve
( week twelve was taken in a different location with different lighting but you can see the results)


-It works...with a little patience. Its not a overnight deal but I got results.

-unscented, great texture, soaked right into my skin

-wears well under moisturizer. I didn't become anymore oily than I was when I added this


-I ran out at week 10. I mean it was empty and I didn't buy a new one. I wasn't heavy handed ( I know how conserve product, especially when I'm broke! lol!).


It worked on me! I couldn't believe it, really. This is the first dark spot corrector I've used in my adult life. I thought that my acne scars were just part of my journey. Like 'war' scars because I've been thru some battles! lol! Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is going to require patience and diligence. You have to use it twice a day to get the results. Read the directions. Use a sunscreen. I approve this product!


Rural Glamour Review: Bee Mine Juicy & My Moisturizing/Sealing Regimen...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bee Mine Juicy

Bee Mine Hair Milk and Bee Hold Curly Butter


Rural Glamour: Confetti Nail Lacquer....

I found Confetti polishes in a huge display in my CVS about three days ago. They are $1.99 a piece and remind me a lot of Sinful Colors in price ( at least here Sinful is $1.99, I've seen them pricer on other blogs).

I pick four colors that looked 'different'. Not really, I picked the four colors that looked familiar. The rest of the collection looked 'done'.
As you can see, I picked up that good ol' trendy murky gray/taupe that OPI did two years ago that the cheap brands are just catching up too. This one is called Moonstruck.
And...I got my $1.99 worth. Look at this fucked up brush. I was pissed. You can at least make a better brush! The other three colors I got, the brush is fine. Plus, the formula was thick and it didn't apply well.

I go hard on drugstore brands. You trying hang in the game, you can't play like an amateur. **rolls eyes**

Not sure I'll used the other two...Belle of The Ball ( the lavender shade) is on my toes. And its a beautiful color but again, horrible formula. Belle's formula was thick, too.

Got any of these yet? What do you think?


Rural Glamour: Kleancolor Hawaiian Rainbow Splendor Palette....

I purchased Kleancolor Hawaiian Rainbow Splendor from my local BSS for $2.99. I thought the colors were INSANE. I'm definitely a bright color eyeshadow girl...Blues, Greens, Pinks just pull me inside!!! lol!
I used the blue, green, black and white colors on my eyes to create the look. Soft textured, good pigmentation, all satins, no glitters...
Blended well too...I would say this was a good buy, great buy for $2.99....
But not all things under $3 are good. Check the powder on my face in this picture...LA Colors Powder for $2 and it was a SUPER FAIL. Not all things cheap are good. My mug is the example of that!!!


Rural Glamour: Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Palette in Greed....

Hi Everyone!!

So glad to be back on the beauty grind!

First Stop: Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Palette in Greed....
I've been really trying to avoid buying one of these ColorIcon Palettes. I seriously have ALOT of eyeshadow, cheap eyeshadow and I don't need anymore. But, who was I kidding? Product Junkyism is a DISEASE!!!! I just got one for now...

The colors are very pigmented but the levels of pigment are very different. The black shade in this palette is like coal soot. Its bit too much, so you have to apply with a small brush and a lite hand. I like that there are three matte shades. I'm so happy that drugstore brands are doing more mattes instead of being lazy and doing a boat load of shimmers. Is it cheaper to make a shimmer or something? *shrugs*

Greed reminds alot of my very first eye shadow shades that purchased from MAC back in '97...
My look is inspired by FashionDivaCC on You Tube...She did tutorials on all the ColorIcon palettes...
I forgot to apply mascara...really...last week was a long LONG week.


On Vacation...Rural Glamour....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hi Cuzins!!!

Rural Glamour will be on vacay this week from June 20-June 28, 2010

Coming back with some AWESOME reviews and videos!!!

Love you all!


Haul: Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale and Bath &Body Works Semi Annua...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fresh Coat: Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Nail Color in Celeb City....

Thanks to Krissy90220 on twitter and her blog Addicted to All Things Pretty, I scooped up a Silver Minx dupe in Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Nail Color in Celeb City for $2.99!!!

Here's her original post on Celeb City....

Its a wonderful metallic silver, 2 coats of perfect opaqueness....


Rural Glamour: e.l.f. Brightening Eye Shadow in Punk Funk....

Another lovely $1 goody from my e.l.f haul:).....Punk Funk....
As I was applying this...I realized that I own most of these colors in some form or fashion. However, its a great little palette to travel with for a bright, night out look....
Needed some lashes...but I was being LAZY! lol!


Fresh Coat: Color Club Chelsea Girl....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes, really great things happen to me. The kinda of things that are unexplainable. Yesterday, I took my kids to get a pet fish from PetSmart. I have been totally putting it off but I finally took them since a PROMISED I would. We ( I) decided to breeze into Ross( which I don't like) and there is was in there non-existent Beauty Department, the entire Color Club Poptastic Collection....
for $7.99....Life's good.:)
I picked Ms. "Chelsea Girl" as my first color to wear. She needs three coats. This is two....
Like her anyway. What is it with me and blue nail polish? **shrugs**


Review:Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector....Eight Week Update

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Here is my 8 week update on Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.....
Week One

Week Four

Week Eight

There is a change in the fading under my jawline, don't you think? Week 12 will be my last update with the full review!


My Bee Mine T-Shirt from Bee Mine Products!!!

***Excuse the dark pictures and the Destiny's Child Barbies in the!***

I ordered the Bee Mine Soft Style Ringspun T-Shirt in a 2X Large and I literally didn't want to take to off last night!

Super comfy and great advertising for a awesome company.:) I also ordered Bee Mine Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz and a review will be up soon!

Review: EOS( Evolution of Smooth) Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Monday, June 07, 2010

Review: EOS( Evolution of Smooth) Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Every since I saw an ad for EOS Shave Cream in a Allure Magazine last year, I’ve been on a mad hunt for it. What is it about EOS products? I had this same problem finding their lip balm in this area. Finally, I found it at the third Walgreens I went to. Here’s the Rural Glamour Scoop!


-The Pomegranate Raspberry scent is wonderful!

-Does a great job leaving skin moisturized after shaving even after drying

-Doesn’t slip of the side of the tub! Stays put due the plastic container


-Two pumps of the product do not get it for my coarse hair. I pumped a couple times to get the right coverage

-Comes off easy with water, so using under the shower is a no no

-Would have liked more product to come out with each pump.

-Hard to find. I just happened to come across it at Target on an end cap while looking at clearance items

Basically, EOS Shave Cream is like shaving with lotion. This works for some but I have coarse hair on my legs and need heaving duty shave cream and a no-nonsense razor to match. I wonder why they don’t make shave cream by the hair type. They got every scent and consistency you like, but what shave cream really works with thick or coarse body hair? I would think that someone with fine hair wouldn’t need a thick shave cream.

I did like that I didn’t have slather my skin down in lotion after I shaved. My legs felt amazing and moisturized even though I had to put some serious work in to get them hairless . If you see EOS Shave Gel, get it, you may not see it again.


Fresh Coat: NK Amarillo....

One of my summer goals is to find a perfect summer yellow polish for my hands. Yellow polish looks freaky on my toes! So, I picked up NK Amarillo for .99 at the local BSS. Its creamy and opaque but it chips. I think I'm just hard on polish. Nothing keeps me chip free. Nada. If you got any suggestions let me know. I currently use Poshe' Top Coat.....


Fresh Coat: Sally Hansen HD Nail Color in DVD....

Friday, June 04, 2010

Have you seen these? Its a new line of Sally Hansen HD polishes. I think they came out with some before but I just saw these at my CVS and grabbed DVD. To me, it had the most personally of the collection. The other colors in this collex looked "Done". **Shrugs**

This is three coats....DVD just didn't get me what I needed, what I expected.... I guess I expected what the bottle looked like, as you can see.

But, then I walked outside and my nails just came to life! The color spectrum in the sun was nuts!!!

Stop playing with me, DVD...damn! lol!


Review: Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk and Bee Hold Curly Butter....

Review: Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup.....

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The May 2010 InStyle Magazine, which hosts the Best Beauty Buys, lists Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup as the “Best Buy” for “Dark Skin”. I was a bit intrigued because Iman Cosmetics is sold at my local rural Wal-Mart. I always bypass it though, the price point of most of it is not attractive and it looks virtually untouched. But, I thought, a $15 foundation in a Superstore must be worth it and I’ve never tried the products, so I gave it a whirl. Here’s the Rural Glamour Scoop!

**My color is Earth 1**


- Luckily for me, the color I choose was my color

- Gives a medium to light coverage

- The mineral sparkle gives the skin radiance, if that is what you are looking for


- The display in Wal Mart was not helpful at choosing the right color foundation

- The $15 price point was a little steep for me personally. I haven’t paid over $8 for a foundation in years.

- The mousse like texture makes it difficult for even coverage

I found it a bit hard to choose my color. If you have ever been to a Cover Girl Queen Collection Display, most of them have a “color wheel”, that you can put near your skin to determine your color. Some L’Oreal and Maybelline displays also do this. Iman needs to do this. Thank God for my ability to pick my foundation color in a drugstore setting! All women can’t do this and if they are going to push $15 foundation, they need to give people a hand at picking it. I mean, really, I’m going to really ask a store associate (when you can FIND one) to help me pick a foundation. Ok, that sounds bit elitist, but ya’ll know the deal and don’t skimp on words, cuzins.

I’m working with the foundation. I’ve found that it can only be applied with a sponge or foundation brush for even coverage. The “mineral” sheen or shimmer in the foundation is a bit overwhelming, even glittery. I don’t like any sheen in my foundation. Matte is my favorite. I’ll use this up and then its own to the next, unless I find something better in the process.


Fresh Coat: Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Nail Color in Green With Envy....

Sorry for the tip wear....I've been covering the chips up and taking it off and putting back on....

I think SH X-treme Wear in Green With Envy might be my most favorite nail polish in the world!!! I love it so much. But even with a base and top chips in a matter of one or two days. It has no lasting power. Nada. But, I love it....


Beauty Flashback: Defunct Fashion and Beauty Magazines...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm sensitive about magazines that I love going out of business....The memories are so fresh! lol

Here are some magazines I loved that are no longer with us. *sniff*

YM- as Kim would say, "I'm telling my age!"
Shop Etc.-Was this not a great magazine?!! I used to have some copies of it but I might have thrown them away.:(
Mirabella- Mirabella was delicious with its great articles and layouts....
Jane- a fresh take on young adult life as a woman.....
Suede- ***Church faints*** Lord take me now!!! I can't even talk about Suede without getting so EMOTIONAL.... Why they take it away from me!!! I'm like Vera on Meet The Browns about Suede, nah...
Mademoiselle- Gah, I loved Mademoiselle. It was like a tasteful Cosmo.
Sassy- For some reason I think Jane used to be Sassy before the name changed....My teenage life wrapped up in a subscription....

What" gone forever" magazines do you miss? **Grabs a tissue***

photos: Google Photos