~Swatches & Review~ Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection in Green With Envy.....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I got the Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection in Green With Envy to show you this time. If you haven't seen my review on the Hard Candy Top Ten Naturally Gorgeous palette, click HERE to check it out!

 I don't own alot of green shadows. Green With Envy reminds me of Black Radiance 8-pan in Urban Jungle. Green With Envy consists of ten shadows at 0.04 oz a piece. I found it interesting that there are five green shades and five neutral brown shades in Green With Envy. All of the neutrals in this palette are repeats from Hard Candy Top Ten Naturally Gorgeous palette.
 I came up with this look yesterday....I used the dark green shadow in the palette and a brush wet with MAC Fix + to line the bottom lash line. LOVED IT! I had wayyy more fun with this palette!

 Another similarity with Naturally Gorgeous are that the lighter shades are just light as a feather with very little building power.:(
 I did find that the middle shade was a very close dupe to MAC Sumptuous Olive ......
MAC Sumptuous Olive on the left, Hard Candy olive green shade on the right.

Sumptuous Olive is a bit darker, but they are in the same olive green family.

-I liked this palette the best! The darker colors, which are all of the greens are beautiful and easy to work with.
-$6 for 10 shades is still a good deal and they can be found at Wal Mart.

-The lighter shades, which are the browns, were not good. Good thing is that there are all two "light" shades in this palette.


Green With Envy is GO BUY!! Pick this up if you don't have any or not alot of greens in your collection and you want to add or play with them in your collection.:)

Are you planning on buying Green With Envy?

~Swatches & Review~ Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection in Naturally Gorgeous....

Hey Everyone!!

I've been playing with the two Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection palettes I bought last Sunday all week. I didn't even know these existed until I saw DivaMakeupQueen post them on her Facebook page. What would I be without the power of social networking??:)

 I picked up Naturally Gorgeous ( the neutrals) and Green Wtih Envy ( the greens and neutrals).

 Naturally Gorgeous consist of ten shadows at 0.04 oz each. I would venture to say that the palette is set up like Urban Decay Naked palette, light to dark in color. There are no mattes, all shimmers. I didn't even bother to compare the two. *shrugs* If want me to do that, compare UD Naked and Naturally Gorgeous, let me know in the comments ( I did see some "similar" shades in each palette when just looking at the two).

 I wore the palette about three different times and I will say, this was the best look I came up with...

 Here are a few swatches. I tried to swatch a couple of light shades and some the dark shades....


-$6 for 10 shade and its available at Wal-mart. Great price and great location.
- the shades are a variety of pigmentation from light to heavy, so many looks can be created.
-sturdy packaging and good mirror for the price gets a thumbs up.

-the variety of pigmentation can be frustrating. It was for me.
-the light shades are harder to work with blending and application.

You get your $6 worth with Naturally Gorgeous. Its not something to go out and stockpile and I know with the Hard Candy makeup at my WM, its always getting restocked. I couldn't help but to notice that I've had palettes from the Beauty Supply Store for $3 better than this palette. *shrugs*  Its hit or miss for me.

Are you picking up Naturally Gorgeous soon?