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3 Primers + 1 Hot Summer!! Primer Series For Oily Skin Part 2.......

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hey Everyone:)

I have Part 2 of my 3 Primers + 1 Hot Summer for you today! In this series, I have two very interesting products that are medicinal products claimed to combat oil. Plus, I have a high end Asian product that promises the same results as the other two. If you have checked out Part 1, here's the LINK. Let's get started.....

 For the last month, I test Rice Force UV Protect Milk SPF 25, Monistat Chafing Gel and Milk Of Magnesia.
 Swatches of ( left to right) Milk of Magnesia, Monistat Chafing Gel and Rice Force UV Protect Milk
 Milk of Magnesia- Does it work?
YES! It works! I was shine free under BB Creams and Foundations with the MoM. I have a REALLY big bottle because Walmart was sold out of the little bottles.O_O. This product is under $2. I applied the MoM to clean skin with my E.L.F. Flat Powder Brush evenly all of over. It left a bit of a white cast but that was gone after I applied foundation or BB Cream over it. You only need a 1/2 teaspoon at the most for the coverage. I poured the MoM its cap to use it but I'm currently looking for a pump or a small bottle to store it in. I'll keep you updated!!
 Monistat Chafing Gel- Does it work?
YES! Its works great under my BB Cream and Foundation. I like this gel a lot. It works just like a silicone based primer like the Smashbox primer its notoriously compared to on Pinterest. Plus, you can just squeeze it out, just a dab to cover the whole face. This gel ran $8 at CVS which was pricey for a" primer" at the drugstore. The problem I had with this product is that it was very hard to find. I scored Walmart and two CVS' before I found it. In CVS, its in the area where the feminine hygiene products are.:)
YES! It works under all of my foundations and BB Creams. Plus it has a bit of moisturizing effect on my skin.  I honestly thought that Japanese skincare catered only to Asian skin, which tends to be more normal to dry but the UV Protect Milk kept the oilies at bay while providing some excellent skin care qualities. Down side might be the price point at $40. But remember the tarte primer I tried in Part 1 that was $30? Yeah.   It's hard being an all around beauty addict, high end or low end, you still want it in your grasp!!

Disclosure: Some products were sent for consideration for review. I was not paid or sponsored for this post and all opinions are honest and my own