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What life will be like...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Now I must act like book groupie when I say....

Go get this book!!!

Colin Cowie Chic snuck up on me as dug through the non-existent beauty/fashion section at the SPBG Barnes and Noble. I'm sucker for those" how to fabulous, chic, cute, a lady, a bougie chica books" This one is perfection and worth the $30 I threw down for it( Forgive me Lord! I said I was going to change my spending habits... but I have stopped those Cinnamelts and Ice Coffees in the mornin'...) Miss Julia reported on this book back December and she is always "the truth".:)

Now I will warn you...If you live in the 'Burg, I got the ONLY copy at B&N so you betta call up there and see what's poppin off. lol!!

Love ya'll!!