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Glamour Grub: me & goji Custom Artisanal Cereal....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As a lover of a good, healthy breakfast, I was excited to discover me & goji, a company that lets you custom your own cereal with a nutritional focus. Adam, Alexander and Carl, the founders of me & goji, call it "cereal couture" "haute"! :)

I got the privilege to custom my own "capsule" of healthy wholesomeness. I was thrilled, I felt like I was designing my morning or something. I chose:

-golden raisins
-brazil nuts

The process of building your cereal is quite cool. You choose from fruits, flakes, nuts and all sorts of other natural goodness or you can just choose one of the store mixes. You can make a oatmeal mix, a granola mix for snacking or a kids mix!

If you custom your get to NAME it....**giggles** I named mine "The Healthy Glamour Mix":)

It arrived in great condition, sealed perfectly( this picture is after I ate TWO bowls)...I actually got it about 11 am so I made a bowl quickly. The flakes, nuts and raisins mixed perfectly with a splash of vanilla soy milk( less milk/more cereal person, I just want the cereal to be moist...its an art, people) I wasn't keen on the goldenberries, they taste like sour patch kids! lol! I'll pick a different fruit when I order it again.
Thanks Naomi for hooking this joint up, mama!!! Your awesome!
Overall, great cereal, AMAZING CONCEPT. I just love it...I'm afraid I'll eat it up so I been eating The Healthy Glamour Mix every other day. You can reorder your mix whenever, its always on file. Plus, this is an awesome gift, especially for the holidays. They have a "Cereal Club" coming up this holiday season.:)


***Disclosure: This product was provided to me for review***