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Starting From Somewhere: A Workout Plan.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Here’s my truth, plain and simple, I do not like working out. Here is another truth, I need to work out. Lol! I really do need to start working out again. Oh, and I have a plethora of an excuses too! Like to hear them, here they go:

“I’m tired.”
“I’m focus on something else right now that’s more important”
“My kids need me!”
“I don’t have any time!”
“Where am I going to work out?”
“I don’t want to become one of those folks who post my sweaty workout face on Instagram.”
“I’ll have to change my eating habit even more!!”
“My knees hurt sometimes.”
“I don’t have the proper shoes.”
“I don’t have any decent workout clothes.”

Let me just stop right there.

Even though I listed it last, workout clothes are the biggest excuse for me. However it’s the truth. How I look fashion wise is important. One of my favorite quotes is “I never take a day off from being stylish”. I’m a plus size girl, so I need a decent sports bra or three, yoga pants, shorts, tees, and socks that don’t cut off my circulation. Plus, they need to be cute and very affordable. So, I do what I do best and that’s get on Google and Pinterest to the research to find workout clothes. Maybe a good fitting sports bra and some fun sneakers will put me in the mood to hit the mat or do some jumping jacks.

Pinterest is a great tool in finding ideas on “starter workouts” and “plus size workout clothes”. I just simply “like” a pin then go back and created a board “Workout Motivation”. I even pinned some helpful tips, workout plans and of course cute pieces that might work for me. I also pinned some pieces from sites like Walmart, Target, Nike, Sweaty Betty and I will adding more soon from other retailers.  If you are interested, stop by this link to my Workout Motivation Pinterest board, check it out and share a pin or two!

If you have any starter workout motivation of me, let me know in the comments!