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Week in review...Rural Glamour Style

Friday, November 09, 2007

I was so ready for that store to open it wasn't even funny. The stress opening a brand supermarket is killer. But the mail was fabulous as you can see! Goodies other than Charter Communications and State Farm bills!

Friday...yep I'm skipping around. Thank Blogger Photo link for that. Pick these up at Green's Salvage today. I didn't know Burt's Bees made makeup?
More Friday goodies...Got these $1.70 lipglosses and $1 socks from Fred's I just love novelty socks. Especially holiday socks. How corny of me!lol!Check out the I love Nerds socks:)

My Daddy's Birthday. He would have been 57 years old. I had the perfect gift:Go see American Gangster and buy him the BET American Gangster DVD set and then watch him fuss with my uncles. He was a serious movie buff. I got it honest. I love you Daddy, I miss you so much. I wish you were here...because I can't get the heat to come on at the house. I don't know what's wrong with the thermostat.:) And Momma is driving me crazy and I need a hug.:)


Review: Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup...

Ok I'll keep short a sweet on the Bare Escentuals Mineral foundation. I can't read long reviews on products...

-I paid $60 for the whole kit at Divas on Main in the 'Burg.They have a whole back room of the line...

-My kit has a Dark and Deep Color in it along with this psuedo-moisturizer( because it don't moisturize, so used something else then this, but a good lotion for oily skin) three brushes and this translucent powder.

-The brushes SHED LIKE CRAZY to be always"buffing" your face with them.

-It took me about three tries to mix the Deep and Dark colors to get something close to my skin color. It still looks a little ashen.

-I love that kabuki brush. But it sheds too.

-The "warmth" powder. A waste. WnW got better bronzers.

-The translucent powder( whatever its called)...NYC loose translucent powder for cheaper. But I like it.

Overall...Not a waste of money or time but not totally for me. But I haven't given up and I'm working it out each day.



Last...Weekend Cooking...:)

I'm pretty blessed. My children are not picky eaters. They love veggies and will basically eat whatever I cook. Kel loves condiments, Honey Mustard and Hot Sauce! But Spencer doesn't like any condiments. That's as picky as it gets. I make this little side for us some times when I'm short on time and we are all tired and don't feel like waiting on a big meal. It's called a Caribbean Quicky, and the recipe is found in Culinarytherapy Cookbook by Beverly West. All it is a box of egg noodles cooked, mixed with shredded sharp cheddar cheese(a whole bag,1lb), a stick of butter or margarine, juice of two limes, salt and pepper, and dry red pepper flakes. Voila! Quick mac and cheese with a zip.
In other last weekend cooking news, I scooped these McCormick Grinders up at Big Lots for 1.40 a piece. A great kitchen to me is full of the essentials and above. I love having all the spices I need before I cook. One of these is a roasted sea salt. I've been putting it on everything:)