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Rural Glamour Spring 2008 Home Wishlist...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, this list is more like a kitchen wishlist. I'm trying to make an effort to decorate the rest of the house more.

A Mortar and Pestal Set( for grindind saffron...I have a great recipe for Tachin)

More white plates and matching salad bowls

A water cooler( my boss has one in his office...there is not a day that goes by I want to attack it... the store minions and I are reduced to water fountain or a 1.39 bottle of Dasani)

Brita Water Filter System( for the bathrooms and kitchen)

12 Orchid Variety by

Wooden Salad bowl set

A label maker( like Colin Cowie has :))

a grill pan( a smaller one than what I got)

a new skillet

silicone oven mitts

Make It Super Simple by G. Garvin

Smoked Sweet Paprika( I can find Smoked Paprika but not Smoked Sweet Paprika)

Gift Cards to Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and The Fresh Market( $100 or more)

Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunee

Sunday edition delivery of the New York Times

A juicer

Microplane grater( for my Parmesan cheese)

An Apron( I 'm starting a vintage collection of them)