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Shopping My Stash: MAC e/s in Tempting...

Monday, August 03, 2009

* the way of my kitchen floor...*

I was talking to a friend of mine this weekend and she was saying her cousin( who's 32) just discovered MAC( The cousin lives in Columbia SC, where there's two counters( I think), but I didn't ask no questions) and she's over the "F*cking moon", as my friend puts it.

Me: "Maybe she didn't know about MAC" "Lots of people don't...."

Friend:"Tell me how you walk through the Columbiana Belk and never notice that MAC counter?! She acting like she discovered something brand new, Its getting on my nerves"

Me: *Laughing!!* "Awwww...well let her discover something new!, that's probably the newest thing she has found in YEARS..."

Friend: "Okay, I'm going to give her YOUR phone number, so she brag about how she on the new-new cuz she wearing MAC"

Me: "Don't you that!...Or you and cuzo will be able the counter picking out a concealer for your busted face. You know I don't like random as people calling me..."

Friend: "I'm joking!!!!!....So when you coming down here so we can go the MAC counter?"

Me: "Soon as you PayPal me $50 for my services and gas..."

Thinking about my friend's country cousin, I took a dig in the crates and found MAC Tempting. Tempting is not very 'mobile'. It goes on the brush sorta in lil crumbly pieces then on to my lid. It was a bit on the glittery side for me. I used a matte brown color in the outer corners to darken it up.

Sorry for the weird camera would not let take a picture without that weird glare...

I should ship Tempting off to the country cousin. She probably would'nt want it though...

It's used.:)

Shopping My Stash: MAC e/s in Post Haste...

Ah...yes...I've been digging through the crates, about give ya'll some Shopping My Stash goodies. What's this? MAC? Yes, I have several pieces of MAC that I don't use or haven't used. Most of them are careless pieces bought at the CCO on a makeup high.

That CCO bizness is DANGEROUS if you don't know what you are buying. The MAC counter and PRO stores are better for the beginner and moderate MAC lovers at heart( That would be me). Leave that CCO to heavy hitters, the intermediate obsesses of MAC! LOL!

MAC Post Haste is a weird bland Fuchsia pink. It looked red in the CCO when I bought it because that's why I bought it, I wanted a red matte eyeshadow. Come to find out its pink.

I played with it Sunday, only to find out too, that when you mix it with a black matte e/s it turns PURPLE. And I didn't have on purple Sunday( the palette was black, pink, cream) and it messed me up. I pretty sure no one in church noticed, but I DID. I took it off as soon as I got home.

Ugh....I'm on the verge of throwing Post Haste to the MUA( Makeup Alley) wind....of course, the reviews over there are using it as a blush...