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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries.... #5 Nope...Can't Eat That!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

Tonight, I decided that would "treat" myself to some ice cream. A full cup of Breyers Vanilla with Chocolate syrup. Guess What??

I didn't eat the whole bowl and....

My stomach is hurting!!! OMG!!!

Now, I eat dairy. I will have 2% milk on cereal, eggs over easy, and full fats shredded cheese ( no more than 1/2 a tsp). But, this ice cream HERE, done wreck my poor tummy.:( That just goes to show, I didnt need that splurge. I don't eat anything sweet after dinner rarely anymore. If I'm having a major sugar craving after I eat, I have coffee or a cup of tea to kill it.

Nope...can't eat that full fat ice cream at the moment. Going to take some Maalox. I holla.:(

Cynthia Bailey ( Real Housewives of Atlanta) for Fashion Fair....

Have ever noticed when you reading Ebony and Jet and you see these Fashion Fair ads....

That's Cynthia of the Real Housewives of Atlanta??? LOL!

Here's her new ad for Fashion Fair....guess she and Uncle Peet finally coming up on some coins, again.:)

Fresh Coat: Valentine's Day with Kleancolor White and Revlon Fire It Up.....

 I was playing around with polish last night as a watched the Grammys and tweeted.:) Multitasking is life, people. lol!

Kleancolor White is the most opaque white ever. I've noticed white polish can be streaky and impossible to get a smooth finish but I did two coats of this white and it was perfect.

I know....ya'll see those smudges....I didnt gave the polish a full 20 minutes after doing the art to dry.:( learn from them:)

Revlon Fire It Up  on the ring finger.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!