~Haul~ Pre-Thanksgiving Thrift Store and Beauty Supply Store...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My youngest chap lost his coat at school so we went on an ill-fated hunt for a coat til' I can get to the school lost and found on Monday. Ill-fated as in we were in our mall-less, Target-less, wack hometown looking for a lightweight, yet warm coat for the next couple of days. Of course....we didn't find a coat...but I wouldn't be my mother's daughter if I didn't find something for myself. LOL!

I finally scored a  hot pink clutch from the Sal Val. I don't know how vintage it is but it has a skinny-80s strap included. Its sorta large, which makes it all the better. I should do a post on my clutch collection....I love vintage clutches. You can't pay me to buy one of these Rue 21-F21 $20 cheap knockoffs when they are at the thrift store for $3 or less.
Next, I found a vintage Ritter Straw Handbag. Ritter started making designer straw bags in the 1930's and this is probably from the 60s. The clasp, the raffia/straw and the interior are in excellent condition.

I got both bags for $4.48

I went into the BSS because I don't know about your local private owned BSS', but ours sell kids clothes. I didn't find a coat but I got these three earrings...that I saw on a web store ( that I will not name) for $8 a piece.:/ I will NOT knock the hussle but I paid $1 a piece for these.

I also picked up a new foundation by Ruby Kisses...

Spent $5.25 in the BSS

Felt great afterwards...probably won't be partaking in Black Friday...I never do because I never can.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

~FOTD~ Wet N' Wild I Love( Heart) Matte ColorIcon Palette....

 I'm a matte shadow fanatic, so when I heard that a drugstore brand was doing an all matte palette, I just about passed the hell out!! Afforable and conveinent AND I don't have order it online/see that it is sold out/ then can't afford it anyway???? ***SCREAMS***!!!!!

Wet N' Wild did the damn thing on this one...really they did. I use the color/brights side one day and then the neutrals the next. The purple and blue shades are not complete mattes, they have a bit of sparkle in them..but you probably won't see it on. I plan on hunting for a back up...just because.

Day with the Neutral side:

 My blending sucks...but hey, the look is gorgeous...I was very surprise that the beige highlight shade was a good brow color on me.
 Day With the Bright Side:

LOVE the brights...I used the beige highlight from the neutral as my brow bone color because I knew the white shade would be too much.

Lovely, just lovely!!!

Anyone own the I love( heart) matte palette??? Let me know!!