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Rural Glamour Weekend....06.06.08-06.07.09

Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

I revisited my Tarte Spring Greening Palette this weekend....but before I tell you about that....
I CAN NOT GET THIS BRUSH SET OFF MY MIND!!! The kabuki brush is $12.99 and...

this set is 19.99. So I need $32.00. plus tax. I was up in Target talking about, "Lord, I just need $34.00!!" LOL! Its the Sonia Kashuk Coral Reef Collection. I have some her brushes and they are nice. Really, I don't need any brushes, I just LOVE the design of them. I have some gold brushes of hers from three Christmas' ago that are beautiful...sigh!!

Ok....I revisited my Tarte Spring Greening Palette...and the colors seemed way more vibrant than the first time I did a look with it.

I've been carrying this bag I got at Old Navy for $10.00 for the last couple of days and love it!! I holds alot and surprisingly I can find all my stuff in it even though it looks like a big ole scarf.:)

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