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Glam Grub: Yogavive....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting all my fruits and veggie intake for the day is hard work for me! I'm such a carb head...I honestly think that's what's keeping my weight so stagnant.

Yogavive Organic Popped and Baked Fuji Apple Chips are a great way to get your fruit in and have a tasty sweet dessert or snack. The small serving size of 0.35oz bag is equivalent to one fuji apple! The larger 1.76 ounce bag is equivalent to FIVE apples.

They come in flavors of Original, Caramel,Peach, Cinnamon and Strawberry. I love the Original washed down with fresh, cold water. They are crunchy and very fresh tasting.The boys enjoy these and even my mom likes them. We gifted my gluten allergic cousin with some and she automatically wanted more!

Visit Yogavive at

You can buy them on Amazon, Whole Foods and STARBUCKS!!!

Also they are on Facebook and Twitter! ( they are always doing giveaways!)


My Birthday Wishlist!

On September 23, I will be a gleeming 33, if its Lord's will!

I'm not afraid to speak my age. If anything I'm proud and blessed.I never, EVER imagined my life in my 30s, often didn't think I would make it. That's why my first birthday wish is to be alive with my family intact.

HOWEVER...I love gifts and to be showered with love. I dont have a significant other and none of my real close friends live by so my'celebrating' is limited. That's ok, though. Each year that passes, God shows me who's loyal and who's not on September 23. I smile when i think He is a God of restoration. You lose some and gain better.

That's my sermon for today! ***shouting music roll on the piano***

Now to the wishlist:

Huetiful Steamer

$100 GC ( at least) to Target

"vittles and dranks" and PF Changs

Whole Foods Store run

a Smart phone ( iPhone,Droid, Crackberry) ( this a LOOONNNG shot)

a new digital camera -Canon Power Shot SD1300

four new tires on the Corolla

Sephora Gift Card( so I can get my Sephora Insider Gift)

Custom Black blazer from eShakti


a cake...

some good sleep


a new handbag


oh and Guerlain Ecrin 6 palette in Champs-Elysees

Winner of the Bee Mine Giveaway!!!

The Winner of the Bee Mine Giveaway is.....



Please email me your four products (8 oz. products) and your address and Bee Mine will ship it to you:)

You have 48 hrs to email me or I will pick another winner.

Thank you all for entering!

Please enter the other Giveaways from Just Gano, Alight, and Orglamix..... Get Fab for the Fall!!!