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WWD'd out!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I decided for would have a Iced Chai Latte for lunch. Don't ask me why...I know that ain't a meal but I wanted to go Jason's Deli but in true Spartanburg fashion, it was packed like all the restaurants are in Spbg@ lunch. I mean, does anyone bring their lunch to work up here? Obviously not. Even Wendy's drive through is a serious wait. I finished ranting.:) Well, I went to B&N for the Sunday New York Times with Beauty Mag with Paula Patton on the front. After I got it, I pick up all of these WWD mags. I have learned that I only buy magazines out of B&N that I can't find in Union. No Elle, Essence, Life and Style...all those are at Wal-Hell and CVS. So hopefully tonight, after I have settled the Bams in, I can to reading!!!

PS...I've already "flipped" through the WWD Beauty...pick it up...It has a SERIOUS Spring beauty lay out! Crazy Ya'll!


My cheap a$$...:) part II

Here's another cheap moment in fragrance...I already had JLO Live "designer inspired" scent. I got it from this hoochie mama store called It's Fashion. I was wearing it with BBW Country Apple Lotion. But I spotted the "real" lotion at Marshalls Today for 9.99.:) My cheap-o ass! Shoot...I got to get Charter Digital Cable with DVR hooked up at the new house.:)