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Rural Glamour Wishlist: OPI South Beach Collection for Spring 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

I love fall and winter. I love hot chocolate, layers, curling up on the couch under my Founder's Blanket, warm scents, dark nail polish, smokey eyes,...So I'm not looking forward to spring which actually summer here.
I'm not ready to pack away all my dark polishes but when I saw OPI's new spring collection South Beach...I instantly got excited about spring well...summer in the Carolinas.
My personal picks are Overexposed in South Beach,OPI on Collins Ave and Done Out In Deco.
Check out e-polish blog and Scrangie for swatches of all the colors...let me know your picks!
Release date: 02/04/09

Review: Milani Lip Mixer...

Hi All!!!
I come today to finally give you my personal scoop in Milani Lip Mixer. I've had them for about three weeks and...well let me tell you some history on how I got...important stuff.:)
My blogger sista Kim sent them to me after still no avail down in these parts. I got Lip Mix( above) and Lip Fuse( a gorgeous pink).
I absolutely love them!!! They are hydrating and the color is amazing and rich. You get a slight sweet smell, no taste,and not tacky or sticky...which I like personally, I don't eat lip!
I tell you, when they finally get here...I'm going to get the other colors.
PS- The last two SMS posts and the pigment post I'm wearing Lip Mix...I love it that much.I've been wearing everyday.:)
Have you used them? Or seen them in your area.... Let me know!