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Musical Selections...

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm not a big CD buying person. I tend to download a song or two from Rhapsody or I'll buy a CD only after I have listened to all the tracks on line. I love music and have played various instruments since I was young so I think that's why I'm picky. Plus I'm getting to old to listen to some stuff. I live in the hot bed of Southern Crunk/Get it Crunk/Let's shoot up the club music/ area( only three hours from Atlanta) so when you turn on the radio, that's what you hear. Thanks God for V101.9(hits and oldies) out of Charlotte or beat my car radio with a bat!! I like old stuff like ALL THINGS LUTHER VANDROSS and Old School R&B. For example I just downloaded Silly by Deniece Williams on to my Zen Nano. Ahh...I feel like that sometimes... Here's my list of got to get it music:

Kingdom Come by Jay Z-

Bees,Things, and Flowers by Incognito

Fantasia by Fantasia

Get Used To It- Brand New Heavies

Make Like Lovers Do and Uncovered- Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore

Young Lioness- Teedra Moses

Tamia:Between Friends-Tamia

Dreamgirls Soundtrack

In My Mind-Heather Headley( a replacement)


Weekend Rantings and Questions...

Tested the new VS Angels Fragrance Desire. I loved how it smelled when it went on the but the dry down smelled cheap. Almost bought it....

Til' I bought the December Elle and there was a coupon in it for a free one...


Why is Beyonce being pumped up for an Oscar? I don't believe it...

But I am exicited about seeing Dreamgirls!!

Check out this Dreamgirls blog!!

What happened to Marie Claire? The covers are so "dry" and feel like I'm reading National Geographic and not a Fashion magazine.

The Devil Wears Prada DVD...December 12!!!

Where in the HELL is my December Lucky mag!Dayum Conde' Nast!!

Should I make up an order from Sephora just to get the deluxe sample bag?

What do I want for Christmas?

I love that American Idol revisited show!

OMG...I can wear a size large from New York and Company...(considering I could wear nothing from them last year...and they cut big)

The Jill Marie Jones Beauty layout in December's Essence is stunning!!

I think Mikki Taylor's "Mikki Says" should be waaaayyy longer.

Who will I play my Sephora Monopoly with when I buy it?