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~2014 Beauty Resolutions!~

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It's that time again!! I have my yearly Beauty Resolutions!

If you have been following me within the last seven years, I do beauty resolutions because they are easier(sometimes) and fun to do. Plus, I normally meet over half of my list each year. Is it because I'm a beauty addict, dedicated to beauty?  I'll let you decide...

Over the last three years, most of my resolutions have been geared toward makeup technique: winged liner, contouring, lashes, cut crease, color correction. I'm proud to say, I knock all of those out!!

If you would like to check out my 2013 beauty HERE. Also, you can see with ones I actually accomplished on my Instagram...( IG: ruralglamour)

Let's go with the new resolutions!

1) Vitamins for a year.

Ok. This was one of my last year's goals that I didn't all. Going to try it AGAIN.

2)Practice two-strand twist extension braids. 

I love braids in the summer but my skills are not that good. So I'm thinking if I install a set, at least every other month, until the summer, I was have them downpat.

3)Make A Wig

This goal is going to need to accomplished, either this winter or next fall and winter. I can't wear a wig in the summer, its too much heat on my head. However, I have been wanting to make a loose wave human hair full wig or a a curly U-part wig for a long time. My fear is I will screw up some expensive hair. So will start with cheap hair and learn from there.

4)Enter all EASY beauty giveaways

Before Christmas, I won the complete China Glaze 2013 Holiday Collection. For someone who doesn't buy China Glaze because of the price, I was beyond happy. So thought to myself, if I just put some goodness in the universe, it will come back to me, right?!?( I had just did a giveaway on this blog the week before) Let's try this giveaway thing a couple more times.:)

5)Buy a Clarisonic brush.

Time to break down and get one. I have the Olay brush and another generic brush and they are awesome but I feel incomplete as a beauty addict because I don't own one.

6)No new polish until June 2014. Six months of no new polish.

Listen, if you saw what I got at the most recent CVS beauty clearance, plus my China Glaze prize, PLUS bottlse of polish I haven't worn or have wore once, you will see its time for a hiatus of purchasing polish. I only have ten fingers and ten toes, ya know.

Check out my past Beauty Resolutions for ideas and inspiration:

What are your beauty resolutions? Let me know in the comments!!