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How I Got Caught Up at Victoria's Secret Today...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I can't stand the mall. So, I don't go in there. Why? Well, I worked in various malls, in various stores FOR YEARS, so I know what's in there, who's there, what day EVERYBODYS there, and for what. But, since I was on that side of Spartanburg to day trying to talk Verizon out shutting me down, I decided to go to Westgate. At least I could do some "blog-work", scoping around at new products....

I go into Victoria's Secret and every thing I had in mind about hating the mall went out the window. They have so much new stuff, or either I haven't been in there in a while. I have a serious plot all of these items!!!! How shall I get them? ugh!!! Very Sexy Dare is sooooo sexy. It reminds me of DKNY BE Delicious Night that I want SOOOOOO badly....Here's the notes:

Fragrance type: woody citrus
Top notes: bergamot, blood orange, pineapple juice, tamarind nectar, hazelnut leaf
Middle notes: yellow jasmine, lily, purple freesia, nutmeg, white peony
Low notes: grapefruit wood, sandalwood, musk, tonka bean

Heidi Klum, girl, stop!! Because her new little collection is slamming. This lipgloss called Cupcake is sooo pretty on me and I wanted to get it right then...

Kim and I were just talking about this the other day, VS Dream Angels Wish. It's perfect for me...I can see becoming my signature.:)

These pictures of the Heidi Klum eyeliner and eyeshadow quad do it NO Justice. The shadows are super pigmented and the liner is to die for...
Ya'll see that PayPal button to the on it and help ya cuzin out!!! lol! ( just kidding...)