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Dear Starbucks Hillcrest,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I deeply saddened by the news that your store is one the many Starbucks to be closing due to the fast and overwhelming expansion. I mean, seriously, you just opened like a year ago. I'll miss the spacious seating and quietness that the Pine Street store just can't offer. You just don't get a quaint and quiet Starbucks everyday you know....

Please don't leave me!!!

I thought with two Starbucks, The 'Burg was on the up and up... Ya'll can't have nothing in the 'Burg, man. Now where am I suppose to get my Tall Doubleshot on Ice with Soy Milk at before I hit the Goodwill with the hardness? Guess, I'm going to flip over to the Pine St. Store...they are cool, too but just not you...sigh.


Beneath The Surface...

Well, I finally took that curly mop of a bonded weave out,washed my hair for about an hour, then used a deep conditioner.

Woke up the next morning and put a relaxer in and VOILA, my real hair is still intact!

I just decided that I as tired of the weave and wanted a new look for age 31. I will probably do some extensions in September. Even though I don't turn 31 for two more months, I 've ready planned my "Revamp", my yearly change in my look. I starting with my hair and diet and exercise plan...

The Back...

I know...some of natural friends( All who are online...I was the only natural in my whole group..) are going to mad at me. But my decision wasn't political it was just yearning for newness...

My whole life is going through a change. I read a post on The Bap Society's MySpace blog and this part spoke to my spirit loudly,

"We discussed the need for worldly separation and divine restoration-the need to sometimes walk alone to achieve a new closeness with God. God sometimes aligns our lives, so that there is a definitive pull to draw us away (from this life) and draw nearer to him.

My friend expressed that lately she'd felt a bit overwhelmed, drained from fulfilling the cares of others and not catering to her own spiritual needs. I could relate. I pointed her in the direction of Christ. For it is in my times of weakness I run to him and seek quiet moments to talk and commune with him.

I realize that most of my distressed moments stem from being drawn away from his spirit. That's when I step out on the balcony of life and look up. That's when I reassure myself with these words:

"I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more ABUNDANTLY." - John 10:10

I begin to focus on the life that I'm called to (rather than the current); for I know that I must first make spiritual preparation before I ever see a physical manifestation."