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Sunday, October 07, 2012

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~Review & Swatches~ E.L.F. Cosmetics Disney Villains Evil Everyday Eyes Kit....

Hey Everyone!

I'm here on a Saturday night because my beauty muse in back and I'm loving it!! I'm back to being excited about makeup, products and beauty in general so I'm just in blogging mood on a Saturday night.:))

I purchased E.L.F Disney Villains Cruella Evil Everyday Eyes on my birthday at Walgreens in Gaffney SC. All three kits were on display, however they are $10 a piece, so I got the one that I was most drawn to. I was not spending $30 in the drugstore.....on THAT DAY. *snaps*

 Are they worth $10???.......Keep reading, kids.:)
 This kit comes complete with: 8 Eye Shadow colors, 2 Lip & Cheek Color Pencils, 1 Eyeshadow Primer, 1 Liquid Liner, 1 Set of False Eye Lashes, 1 Adhesive Glue, and 1 Mirror.
 Gorgeous instructional layout. I was highly impressed by the effort in the instructions. I didn't use them though. lol!
 I actually like E.L.F shadows, lashes and their primer. The pencils were a little to hard in texture to use or even swatch. The liquid liner was pure trash. Point blank. Trash it.
 Top Row: Puppy Love, Coat of Dreams, Cruelty, Sewage
 Bottow Row: Spotted, Maniac, Little Beasts, Extinction

Weird names.:/ I've never seen 101 Dalamations. I don't remember if I saw it. I'm guessing the shadow names have something to do with the movie and Cruella.
 First Look: I used a couple of the shadows and paired it with a red lip, Tarte Lipstick in Fierce.
 The pigmentation is great. Very true to the swatches, went on smooth, and blended like a dream. Bravo E.L.F. on the shadow quality in this kit!
Second Look: I did another combination of colors from the kit and paired it with Tarte Lipstick in Whimsy.
I'm sorry I can't tell you what I used. I was just free styling to see how the colors worked together.


Is the kit worth the time, the search and $10??? YES, YES, and YES. The shadow quality is great and I love the layout of the kit. I would throw away the liquid liner, unless you need one or love e.l.f.'s liquid liner, and the two lip pencils. Maybe they should have put an e.l.f. Studio Line brush or two in there instead of those products. But, other than that, find this and find it now!! I know it suppose to show up on e.l.f.'s site soon if you don't locate it near you.