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Beauty Haul: BSS ( Beauty Supply Store) and Big Lots

Monday, March 28, 2011

Made a drive by to one of the local BSS' in town. Eh, it was a rainy Saturday and I was bored. So, I trolled the store and found some goodies!

Kleancolor No Color No Honey Palette ( Strange name, uh. O_-)
I bought it for the bottom four rows...I like the deep colors in it....$2.99
NK Polish-$1...Mardi Gras, Mystical and you can tell I'm trying to make up for never finding Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.
NK Lipsticks ( got a post coming up on these and some more of them I already have)-$1 Chocolate, Purple Rain, Vibrant Orange.
White Diamonds ala Dame Elizabeth Taylor Oil....for nostalgia's sake.:)
$1 earrings
Then I dropped into Big Lots on Sunday...pressing my luck that I will bump into something epic in the beauty section. The obsession with discontinued products is getting worse!

Revlon Flexi-Buff Foot File-$2- uh? When did they sell these?
Sally Hansen Deep Callus Remover-$2- I'm putting together a pedicure kit for spring/summer feet for me. I hate paying for pedicures. In most cases, I do a better job than the techs.

Sponges-$1- I thought they were cute.:/
L'oreal eyeliner in Nude- hmmmmm.....dupe?
Ms. Manicure dual mineral brush- I like it already.

Fresh Coat: Revlon Perplex, Walgreens Sally Hansen Sale, and New Toms Shoes Essie Polish!!

 Happy Monday!!!

I won a bottle of Revlon Perplex from Gloss and Sticks and received it in the mail on Friday and on Friday night it was Fresh Coated on my nails!! This color...can possibly...replace my favorite polish on the planet, OPI My Private Jet. I keep looking at my nails....It's just gorgeous!
 Perplex without the flash
 Walgreens has a BOGO 50 % on Sally Hansen polish and 2 for $4 sale on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish. The sales can be stacked so....
 As you can see, I got Virtual Violet and Rockstar Pink for 3.00...$3.24 after taxes. I might go back and stock up!!! That's a great deal on some of Sally Hansen's best polish.

A couple weeks back I signed up for a free bottle of polish from Toms Shoes and Essie for Go Without Shoes So Kids Don't Have To Day, which is April 5, 2011. There were only a limited amount and Toms sent me an email last week letting me know I got one and it would receive it soon. That was fast!! The One Day Without Shoes polish came via UPS ( if you signed up and are looking for it) today. Can't wait for a Fresh Coat of it!