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Product Rave and Review: Andrea Kane's Soul Collection:Love No.1

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Andrea Kane is the blogger behind one of my favorites places to look each day, The Organic Beauty Expert. She sent me this sample of one of her new organic fragrances from the Soul Collection.

Love N.1 is a unique blend of many oils, absolutes and essences to include Australian Sandalwood, Indian Pink Lotus, French Cocoa Absolute and Turkish Rose. It is a light smelling sensual perfume oil that is very intimate in its scent.

I applied it literally after busting through the yellow mailer!!! I loved the warmth of the sandalwood and cocoa and lightness of rose. It totally developed on my skin very sensual and beautiful. The oils mixed in are totally organic putting this scent on top of my "Green Glam" favorites!!

Cheap Tip of the Day:15 Cheap Things About Me!

-I like the beautiful milled fragrant soaps that are like 6.oo a bar.So in order to get the most out it, I break them in half, use one half and put the other half in a paper bag and in a cool place.

-If there is a new fragrance that I want and I can't afford it, I buy the scented body lotion and then seek out samples and decants of scent on Ebay.

-I order makeup,fragrance, and jewelry from Avon all the time. Don't sleep on their quality.

-I will not order from a website without a discount coupon code.Especially Sephora,I love when they have those sample bags:).

-I go to the bookstore and get a whole lot of magazines, order a drink, and sit and read every last one and then put them back. I used to be so notorious of this that when I lived in the Rock, they would tell me when I came through the door what new mags were in!!

-I put the BBW and VS semi-annual sales on my calender and go the firs dayt even if I don't buy anything.

-I check out DVDs at the library for free. No more wasting money on Netflix when some months I don't order anything.

-I exercise five days a week by walking for 45 mins around the park.Yeah I could have a gym or Y membership but I don't have to buy cute workout clothes, and expensive workout shoes, or pay for a membership.

- I have never bought a cell phone. I wait til the Verizon free every two years plan. That's when you have your plan and phone with Verizon every two years and they offer you a new phone every two years!!!I have had three new phones free.

-I listen to a CD that I want online before I buy it. Or I just buy certain songs off the CD on Rhapsody for .89.

-I buy makeup and beauty off QVC on the EZ pay plan!!

-Drinking water is part of my beauty routine. So I buy my water by the case at Wal-Mart.They are 4.88 a case of 28 compared to my beloved Dasani that's like 10.00 a case.

-I skip foundation some days, not because I don't want to wear it but because I want to conserve it. Especially if its high end.

- I eat a salad every day so instead of buying salad pre washed in a bag, I buy romaine lettuce buy the head and only tear and wash what I need off of it for that day. I would not believe how long the head of romaine lasts and how fresh it stays and how cheaper it is than the prewashed.

-If I'm at a restaurant and there is Splenda on the table, I take the Splenda and put it in my purse. I also do this at Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. Saves me from buying a 3.99 box of Splenda at the store( that only has like 50 packets in it). Yeah, my momma taught me better!!l0l!

Extra- I layway stuff at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Cato's. I used to layaway at Wal-Mart but they don't do it anymore.

What are the cheap things about you??