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Weekend Haul...

Monday, November 17, 2008

My children love dollar stores...Dollar Tree, etc. But, there is one in my town, that's beside a "grocery sto'" that owns the "dollar sto'", that we decided to go to on Saturday. My Great-Aunt Maxine had sent them $2 for Thanksgiving( and myself $18, I put it in my car for gas... ) so they were ready to spend it.

The "Dollar Sto'"( with no name) got WAYYYYY more stuff and WAYYYY more better stuff than Dollar Tree. They even had $1 clothing boxes, where all the clothes in the boxes were dollar.
Got this lovely Aziza Makeup...$1 a piece there.

This interesting chapeau of a hat for a $1. Look like someone hand knitted it. Reminded me to find some crochet and knitting starter stuff. We going to do it , Daynetta.:)

And this pink scarf. I wore this the rest of the day. Well, I tried to. I got hot.:)